Club Bulletin – Meeting 922

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922_imageOur Guest Speaker at this week’s meeting was Christine Ostle, a founding member of the (Magill) Chapel Street Community Garden and currently the Coordinator.

Opened in May 2012 and after prolonged negotiations, the garden was established with the help of the land on Chapel Street Magill and a $80,000 grant from the City of Burnside plus ongoing support from the Rotary Clubs of Burnside and just recently, us.

Our support was the contribution of 50% of the cost of material for the new pergola which I was privileged to help open in October last year.

Of particular interest:

  • The garden is one of more than 50 similar facilities across Adelaide with a very strong membership base.
  • Much of the irrigation water comes from the roofs of adjacent private houses.
  • The pergola was built using labour provided by young unemployed people.
  • The original design included a lawn area – an idea quickly rejected by the founders who wanted to grow vegetables!
  • They garden committee have continued to invest in the future by having disadvantaged youth contribute with the construction of garden seating and other projects.
  • The greater majority of the garden beds are “wheelchair friendly” in that they are raised off the ground.
  • The garden logo was designed by children from the Magill Primary School.

Download the Club Bulletin for meeting 922 here.

Club Bulletin – Meeting 921

Download the Club Bulletin for Meeting 921 here.

921_imageMeeting 921 was a special event – our Reel Event fundraiser for Headspace and the Can:Do Group!

From President Colin:

What a great event the 2015 Reel Event turned into on Wednesday evening at the Regal, Kensington. I haven’t heard the final figures on takings, but the downstairs section of the Regal was pretty well full and there were some people upstairs as well. Mingling with some of the visitors after the event, there was nothing but praise for the quality of the short films presented and the Club’s efforts. As DG Jerry said, this type of event is unique in the District and a very good example of a Rotary vocational project.

Congratulations to all for their efforts, especially the team leaders Mina, Kirsty, Sue and Julie, as well as the team from Mary MacKillop College who helped with waiting duties. And of course to the movie makers who again provided us with top class entertainment; sometimes thought provoking, and sometimes funny.

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Club Bulletin – Meeting 920

Download the Club Bulletin for Meeting 920 here.

920_imageMy thanks to Mina and the team for running the meetings during my absence. A good turn up last Tuesday and we welcomed guests Rotarian Geoff Neale from Campbelltown, Rosetta Howland (potential RCMS “Friend”), Violet Bathgate and of course Timor-Leste teacher Marko.

Our Guest Speaker, Joan Weber entertained us with a slide show supporting her talk on the nine years she spent with her late husband touring Australia by caravan. Her prime advice was to make sure you had a caravan with all the features that you needed, an appropriate and well maintained tow vehicle – preferably a sturdy 4WD, and a schedule that allows for extended stays in each location with day trips to places of interest.

Remember: There is No Meeting next Tuesday morning as the Reel Event is in lieu.

Download the Club Bulletin for Meeting 920 here.

Club Bulletin – Meeting 919

Download the Club Bulletin for Meeting 919 here.

919_imageWhat a lovely surprise to see Graham Holcroft at this week’s meeting, and great to see he in on the mend from his fall. I’m not sure the laughs helped the sore ribs!! Tracey Gleeson is an apology for the near future due to some health issues; we wish you lots of get well wishes Tracey.

Magill Sunrise was happy to welcome Dave Bell, our guest speaker who was telling the club about ‘The Adventure of Smarty’. This story of over eleven years of friendship between a man and a bird had many of the members intrigued and laughing. Dave, has been rescuing birds since the age 14, when he accidentally shot an owl whilst out game hunting with his brother. It was soon apparent that Smarty, a wild dove, was no ordinary bird, but was actually a rather intelligent one.

Over the last 11 years, Smarty has unfortunately had a couple of run-ins with crows. One resulting in a broken beak, and the second one a broken leg. After both attacks, Dave has helped nurse the bird back to health, often involving feeding him by hand and making special pellets which are easier to digest. As a result of the first attack, Smarty now has a misaligned beak and can make it difficult for Smarty to pick up food.

Smarty has had several chicks with his partner, Poppy, and unfortunately most of the chicks have been eaten by possums, which lead Smarty to leave Dave’s garden for a short while, to make a safer nest in a nearby park. Since Smarty has been living well past the average life expectancy of doves (he is 15 years of age), he is now on his third mate (Poppy III).

Dave continues to rescue all different kinds of birds including: rainbow lorikeet, wattlebirds and galahs. He has also produced a book of photographs, entitled ‘the Gardner’s Guide to Growing Money Trees’: This book has International recognition and has won an award in New York. Thanks Dave, for sharing your interesting story.

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Club Bulletin – Meeting 918

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918_imageFrom President Elect Mina Ward:

This week we welcomed our regular catch up attendee, Jeff Neale, from our Grandmother Club, Campbelltown. Marcos from Timor Leste also joined us for breakfast again and was excited to tell us about his attendance at the ANZAC day celebrations. Amongst his busy calendar, Marcos has been attending Adelaide High School this week, along with his fellow comrades, to learn more about English teaching.

The club sends their get well wishes to Graham Holcroft, who sustained some fractured ribs and bruised kidneys…..not entirely sure how, but Robyn thinks he is just trying to avoid the gardening. GET WELL SOON GRAHAM!!

We invited Steve Wright to our meeting this week’s meeting. Steve is a Clinical Psychologist at Headspace, which is a Government established National Youth Mental Health Foundation, providing mental and health wellbeing support, information and services for people aged between 12 and 25.

At the Edinburgh North drop in centre, where Steve is based there are ten full time staff, including youth workers, a Psychiatrist and a GP.

The centre’s main goal is to aid emerging mental health issues with early intervention and give young people the skills to manage the issues themselves.

With nearly 100 centres nationwide, as well as online and phone support, Headspace is touching a lot of people’s lives, who otherwise would be struggling to cope with issues relating to mental health, alcohol and other drug use, work or education, general physical health, sexual health and relationships. As suicide rates in Australia sky rocket, it seems these sorts of services are becoming more and more vital.

Edinburgh North Headspace, provides a youth friendly environment, which is safe and destigmatised. All services are 100% free and it must be voluntary attendance. Even though it is often parents who make the first contact the attendee needs to want to attend the clinic. It is a non crisis or emergency centre. As well as appointments with staff, the centre organises workshops, community links (YAC), community events, presentations to local groups, services for schools and participate in events such as the Reel Event.

Steve, along with some of his colleagues will be hosting an information stall at the Reel Event, telling attendees more about mental health in young people and how Headsapce is helping. Being a beneficiary of the event, Steve envisages the money raised going towards setting up a couple of group sessions for young people, aimed at the gay community. And another group session aimed at parents, giving them support and guidance on how to help their children with mental health issues.

Headspace accepts referral from anyone. To find out more have a look at their website:

Download the Club Bulletin for Meeting 918 here.