Posts from May 2015

Club Bulletin – Meeting 922

Download the Club Bulletin for meeting 922 here. Our Guest Speaker at this week’s meeting was Christine Ostle, a founding member of the (Magill) Chapel Street Community Garden and currently the Coordinator. Opened in May 2012 and after prolonged negotiations, the garden was established with the help of the land on Chapel Street Magill and […]

Club Bulletin – Meeting 921

Download the Club Bulletin for Meeting 921 here. Meeting 921 was a special event – our Reel Event fundraiser for Headspace and the Can:Do Group! From President Colin: What a great event the 2015 Reel Event turned into on Wednesday evening at the Regal, Kensington. I haven’t heard the final figures on takings, but the […]

Club Bulletin – Meeting 920

Download the Club Bulletin for Meeting 920 here. My thanks to Mina and the team for running the meetings during my absence. A good turn up last Tuesday and we welcomed guests Rotarian Geoff Neale from Campbelltown, Rosetta Howland (potential RCMS “Friend”), Violet Bathgate and of course Timor-Leste teacher Marko. Our Guest Speaker, Joan Weber […]

Club Bulletin – Meeting 919

Download the Club Bulletin for Meeting 919 here. What a lovely surprise to see Graham Holcroft at this week’s meeting, and great to see he in on the mend from his fall. I’m not sure the laughs helped the sore ribs!! Tracey Gleeson is an apology for the near future due to some health issues; […]

Club Bulletin – Meeting 918

Download the Club Bulletin for Meeting 918 here. From President Elect Mina Ward: This week we welcomed our regular catch up attendee, Jeff Neale, from our Grandmother Club, Campbelltown. Marcos from Timor Leste also joined us for breakfast again and was excited to tell us about his attendance at the ANZAC day celebrations. Amongst his […]