Club Bulletin – Meeting 935: Combined Services Dinner

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From President Mina Ward:

It was great to see so many members and partners from the club at the Combined Service Club Dinner Tuesday night, held at the Campbelltown Function Centre. As always the event was well attended by all the local service clubs including, Lions, Kiwanis, Innerwheel and of course other Rotary Clubs.

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Some of the cover charge and raffle money (about $1,000) was kindly donated to the local Meals on Wheels (one of the charities the guest speaker supports). We were lucky enough to hear from His Excellency the Honourable Hieu Van Le AO, Governor of South Australia. Le is the 35th Governor of South Australia and has previously been the Lieutenant-Governor of South Australia. During his introduction we heard of his experiences as a refugee and how he fled Saigon on a boat with his wife Lan and about 40 other people, destined for Darwin. After arriving in Australia, Le attended the University of Adelaide, receiving an MBA and an Economics degree. He was a senior investigator and manager with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission from the early 1990s until his retirement in 2009.

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Honorary Doctorates were awarded to Le by the University of Adelaide in 2008 for services to Society and Flinders University in 2011. His achievements continue as he was awarded an Australian Centenary Medal in 2001 for service to the advancement of multiculturalism in Australia, and appointed as an Officer of the Order of Australia in 2010.

Listening to this prestige figure speaking, in a down to earth manor, was both heart warming and inspiring. Through adversity he was able to build such a prosperous life from an unfortunate beginning, proves to anyone it is possible. Le talked of the generosity of spirit he experienced when he first arrived in Australia and how this has been apparent throughout his life here. He urged all service clubs to use this spirit as a foundation to continue to make the world a better place, and expand the good work we do.

Fostering multiculturalism in South Australia is what Le continually strives for. During his speech he highlighted the fact that Aboriginals are the oldest living indigenous culture of the world. We should be proactively adopting a multicultural inclusion attitude by encouraging them, along with other cultures, to join our service clubs. In turn a more diverse membership equals an ever evolving club, with different dynamics and ideas.

As well as the Governor’ inspiring address, we heard from each of the service clubs present about their current club activities. It is uplifting to hear about the fantastic projects happening locally and internationally thanks to the volunteers in the Campbelltown area. I am proud to say I am a part of this fantastic network. Keep up the great work Sunrisers!!

Continuing with the good news, it has been officially announced that member, Kirsty Stark’s, first feature length film: A Month of Sundays, will be showcased at the Toronto Film Festival. This is a prestigious achievement in the Film World and we congratulate Kirsty on this achievement and wish her safe travels to Canada.

You’ll all be happy to know that Greg, is alive and well in America and sent this lovely picture of himself in one of the stadiums he’s working on at the University of Missouri.

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Next weeks meeting we will be hearing from Andrea and Jackie- teachers at Norwood Morialta High School and their school programs. There will also be a couple of important presentations, so please make an effort to attend.

This will be my last meeting for six weeks, so if I don’t see you on Tuesday….see you in October. There will be some updates coming from not-so-sunny England so watch this space!!


Download the Club Bulletin for meeting 935 here.


Download the Club Bulletin for meeting 934 here.

From President Mina Ward:

Tuesday morning we were glad to see the return of club stalwart John Kennedy, back after a few weeks away recovering from a fall, whilst helping an elderly lady in the community.

We also welcomed back another familiar face, Jackie Marano from Norwood Morialta High School. A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Pauline today, we hope you’re getting spoilt this week and feeling 100% soon.

Just a reminder to everyone there is no breakfast meeting next Tuesday, in lieu of the Combined Services Dinner at Campbelltown Function Centre. If you haven’t paid your $35 to the club account, please do so ASAP. Proceedings kick off at 6.30pm on Tuesday 25th August.

The new bylaws have been circulating for a while now and we have 80% consensus (no opposing votes) so we can safely say they can be passed. Over the next week there will be more details sent to all club members about how the board is structured and how the committees will work. If there is a new, or old project or committee that you are itching to get your hands into and have not let me know, this is the perfect opportunity for you to speak out.

In other news, Minnie is still missing, with her captive hinting she may be leaving Australia soon. Please keep your eyes open for any sightings and let the club know.

The Rotary Club of Glenelg organised a fantastic cold plunge on Sunday – was freezing cold!!! A really well organised event, raising awareness about people less fortunate in the local community.

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Guest Speaker: Jean Cannon

At Tuesday’s meeting we had Jean Cannon explaining a bit about Richard’s Trauma Process. Jean is a member of the Rotary Club of Eastwood and is a clinical hypnotherapist, with her major skills as a trauma specialist.

When someone is overwhelmed by stress or trauma, the part of your brain which files your memories becomes overwhelmed so that the memory is NEVER stored – it is always current. The trauma has stayed in your body and your logical mind can’t fix it. The body remains in a fight or flight mode all the time, storing this stress in each individual cell. Each cell in our body has an intelligence, with stress receptors on the surface. In order to reset the body, each cell needs to be told to de-stress.

Jean uses a simple three step process of hypnotherapy to release stressed and traumatised people from a highly stressed state and return them to calm – often for the rest of their life. In three sessions she believes you can regain calm, power and control your life.

During the hypnosis the person is guided to a film set where they are able to see the traumatic event in a third person view point. The person is then asked to extract themselves from the situation, thus freeing themselves from the shackles of the past.

She has had success helping people with domestic violence, child abuse, emergency workers, teachers, prolonged business stress (bankruptcy, accountants, lawyers), childhood problems and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Jean is available for consults if you contact her on 8365.9513 or visit the website: http:/

If Q&A after Jean’s address is an indicator of interest then Jean address to those attending was quite a success; Post Traumatic Stress being the hot topic.

Jean’s flyer can be downloaded here.

Download the Club Bulletin for meeting 934 here.

Club Bulletin – Meeting 933: Kirsty Stark

Download the Club Bulletin for meeting 933 here.

From President Mina Ward:

First things first, I would just like to congratulate the English cricket team on the fantastic job they have done over the last few weeks…..good job, well done lads!!  Editor’s Prerogative

There have been a lot of things happening in local Rotary over the last couple of weeks:

  • Business Breakfast Meeting with RC Eastwood, with a fantastic address from Bruce Billston, Minster for Small Business. On behalf of the club $100 will be donated to Polio Plus. Thanks to Mark Thompson for organising the group of 10.
  • Susan Gascoine, Bob and myself joined RC Kent Town for the ‘Walk a Mile in My Boots’, raising awareness about the homeless in Adelaide and raising funds for the Hutt St Centre.
  • Saturday saw the district’s first Young Professionals Forum held at Flinders University. About 70 people attended with some fantastic discussions about how to engage more young people in Rotary. Mark Huddleston will be distributing notes from the sessions soon.
  • Great Magill Sunrise Market on Sunday, with some glorious weather and lovely stall holders. Well done Ian Coat on heading up this committee and doing such a great job. About $600 profit was made on Sunday.

Today Ian Carman will be helping out at the Rotary Young Driver’s Awareness event, organised by RC Morialta. Let’s hope the weather doesn’t turn too horrible!!

Ian Coat has also been busy helping to rewrite the club’s bylaws. We are now at the stage for club members to read and make comment on the new bylaws. The main reason for changing the bylaws is to reduce the core numbers of board members from 11 to 7, with the vice president position being optional.

The new board will still address the five avenues of service, with all committees having representation on the board. Voting on the bylaws will be done via email on 25th August. Please contact Ian Coat or myself if you have any questions.

An official thank you from DG Dick and Liz Wilson was received during the week, for having them at our meeting last Tuesday. They enjoyed learning firsthand about the plans and progress the club is making and they wish us all the very best in going forward. Speaking to Liz on Saturday, she admitted if she was to ever join Rotary, she would join Magill Sunrise because she enjoyed our meeting so much!

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Last Tuesday we were joined by Alex and Sophie from Miller Street Web Design. These two young individuals, together with Kirsty produced our clubs new website (

Kirsty gave us a whistle stop tour of the new website, highlighting the main features which members should find helpful. The new website is easy to use and navigate, with most current things featuring on the front page, including upcoming events, latest news, key projects and membership information.

The events page clearly shows what is on in the coming weeks, and can be filtered. Our weekly bulletins are now be accessed from the website too. We are still looking at little light on members profiles so please contact Kirsty or email with updates or information about you.

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 4.02.19 pm

Editor’s Note: for those who missed the presentation Bronny Hyder has taken notes.

If you haven’t already, then please jump on Facebook and like the club’s page, why not even invite your friends and family to like the page as well. The more people we have viewing our posts on Facebook, the more publicity we get. Publishing club events and good news stories on Facebook, our website, and the bulletin is a great way of promoting our club – and it’s free. All we need are the details and photos… get onto it! Thanks again to Kirsty for taking this morning’s session and thanks to Alex and Sophie for coming along to the meeting this morning.

Download the Club Bulletin for meeting 933 here.

Club Bulletin – Meeting 932: Dick Wilson

Download the Club Bulletin for meeting 932 here.

From President Mina Ward:

This week is set to be a busy one, with lots of Rotary events to get involved with. It all kicked off on Sunday with the board catching up with District Governor (DG) Dick Wilson and his wife, kindly hosted by them at their house in Summertown. To follow up from this, Dick and Liz attended our Tuesday meeting to meet the rest of the club. Dick is a member of the RC of Stirling and has been in Rotary since 1974. He is a key member of a couple of Rotary Clubs and District committees including Group Study Exchange, Polio Plus, Medic Alert, Australian Rotary Heath and The Rotary Foundation.

Dick was born in Naracoorte, raised in Renmark, educated in Adelaide and graduated in medicine in 1996. He married Liz in 1968 and they lived overseas until 1972, working and travelling in the UK, Canada and Europe. In 1973 Dick started his lifelong career in rural general practice. He has a special interest in minor surgery, mental health and aviation and underwater medicine. In his spare time he currently sits on the SA board of the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia! Oh and he and Liz have established a 17 acre Chardonnay and Pinot Noir vineyard in the Piccadilly Valley and live on the property!!

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 6.23.45 pm

In his opening comments to the club, Dick emphasised what a pleasure it was to be at such a vibrant club as Magill Sunrise. He gave thanks to the members of the club who sit on District committees (Mina: Youth Exchange and Youth Leadership, Ian Carman: Preserve Plant Earth, Lindsay: Internet) as well as recognising the continuing efforts of all members of the club. Dick firmly believes that the clubs of Rotary, are Rotary, and is committed to supporting all Rotarians at a grass root level. In combination with, Assistant Governor Don Will, this Rotary year is set to be a good one.

Using our talents, expertise and leadership, Rotary members worldwide are asked to ‘Be Gifts to the World’ this Rotary year. International president, K.R. ‘Ravi’ Ravindran, has emphasised that now is the time to make real change: ‘You have one year to build monuments that will endure forever, not carved in granite or marble, but in the lives and hearts of generations. This is out time. It will not come again. Let us grasp it’.

As a club, Dick, congratulated us on our support of the Rotary Foundation as well as Youth programs. He urges us to be more forth coming with asking people about becoming members of Rotary: ‘People often aren’t even asked to become members, so just ask.’ It was also highlighted the importance of scatter meetings, where once in a while, members go to other Rotary Club’s meetings instead of their usual meeting to gain a diversity of Rotary experiences. In addition to this experience, is the District Conference, this year being held at Renmark from 28th April till 1st May (Mark Thompson will be heading up the organising of this adventure this year, so please let him know if you plan on attending the conference……yes we need to start planning this now as things get booked out!!- I urge you to attend).

All in all, Dick is excited about working together with our club to make 2015-16 a fantastic year. A big thanks to Dick, Liz and Don for coming along to our meeting this week.

It was also lovely to see some familiar faces at the meeting on Tuesday: Shirley and Kevin Roberts, Susan Gascoine and Bob Hobbs. A great turn out for a great meeting!

John Kennedy was an apology this week after recovering from a tumble he had in late July, after stopping an elderly lady having a nasty fall. After having some tests, John has been given the all clear, but advised to rest up until he is feeling 100%. We send lots of get well wishes to John and hope to see him at the club soon.

Eastwood’s Business Breakfast

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 6.24.03 pm

On Wednesday Club Members and Friends made up a table of 10 for Eastwood Club’s Business Breakfast at the Festival Theatre Restaurant. Federal Minister for Small Business, Bruce Billson (Member for the Riviera of Melbourne – Frankston) was guest speaker. Entertaining and informative are 2 words that spring to mind when describing Bruce’s address. We were also pleased to catch up with Sandy Sumsion, former club stalwart, now based in Roxby Downs. Our presence also meant that $100 from our Club will go to Polio Plus.


Download the Club Bulletin for meeting 932 here.