Club Bulletin: Meeting 943 – Trephina Gartley

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From President Mina Ward:

On Tuesday we were lucky enough to have Rotaractor and Group 7 Representative for District 9520 Youth Exchange Committee Trephina Gartley at our meeting. Trephina spoke about her year as a Rotary Youth Exchange Student in Finland. Throughout 2010, Trephina embraced the experiences of a lifetime, which have shaped her to be the well-rounded person she is today.

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During the length of an exchange, a student can go through all manner of emotions from excitement, gratitude, humbleness to home sickness, uncertainty and pure fear! Trephina believes her philosophy of saying ‘Yes’ to opportunities helped her to slowly fit into the foreign environment and bond with her host families, over coming some of the emotions she was facing. A big part of Rotary Youth Exchange is the hosting by Rotary Clubs and families – you don’t get this with any other youth exchange program in the world.

Trephina had two different host families, this can usually be three to four, or more. The travel opportunities that are opened up by being hosted by Rotary Clubs and families, again is a very unique experience. Trephina told us of how she enjoyed helping one of her host families build their Mökki (summer cottage by the lake), even though the tasks to them may have seemed menial, she loved it.

As big as the culture shock was, Trephina embraced everything thrown at her, including taking naked saunas with host families and calling her school teacher a ‘Passport’. Though out the talk on Tuesday it was clear to see how powerful Rotary is. Without Rotary as a vehicle this type of youth exchange would not be anywhere near as great as it is.

I encourage everyone in the club to discuss Rotary Youth Exchange with anyone in their life who is aged 15 to 17 and may be interested in going on exchange. For only $300, our club could help a young person have the experience of a lifetime. For more information look at the website or contact Mina.

Service Above Self Award: Norwood Morialta

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On 23rd October Siony and Colin attended the Graduation Ceremony for Norwood Morialta High School at their Senior Campus. Siony presented our Club’s ‘Service Above Self Award’. This was a first for our Club with this particular School and the first recipient was Bevan Thulkanam. In addition to his scholastic standing Bevan more than fulfilled the criteria for the award.

Rotary Service above Self Award is for the student who best displays commitment to serve in the school and / or broader community. Rotary’s vision for Service Above Self is to promote high ethical standards, to advance world understanding, goodwill, peace and fellowship.

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From President Mina Ward:

Thank you everyone for the warm welcome back after six weeks away. It was also lovely to welcome John Sandham, District chair for Rotary Youth Leadership (RYL) committee and honorary member Jeff Neale to breakfast as well.

It seems everyone who attended the Joint Group 7 Dinner last week had a great time and enjoyed the inspiring guest speaker, d’Arcy Lunn. His enthusiasm and drive to make the world more peaceful is infectious.

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Congratulations to Ian Carman, who had his article published in the latest edition of Rotary Down Under (on page 9) about the four-way test and global warming- well worth a read.

Another congratulations goes to Kirsty Stark, whose first feature length film ‘A Month of Sundays’ had its Australian Premiere at the Adelaide Film Festival last week. It gained a worthy five out of five stars from the Advertiser and has been named the Film You Can’t Miss of the festival. There will be an additional showing on Monday 26th at Palace Nova Cinema if you would like to see it!!

More congratulations go to Greg Schuetze, who was runner up in the footy tipping this year. Like most years, it sounds like it was a fiercely fought battle with RC Morialta like usual taking out first and last place! About $500 will be going to the Rotary Foundation, so thanks Lindsay for organising this once again.

Just in case anyone wasn’t aware we have sadly had to cancel the club’s Halloween night on 31st October, due to lack of ticket sales. We have a deposit for catering which still needs to be used and it has been decided to put this towards a club Christmas function on Monday 14th December in Nightingale Park. Please put this date in your diary and invite family to attend as well.

As part of our meeting this Tuesday we had a club assembly. One of the groups had fantastic discussions about more ways of engaging current club members and events for new members. Membership director, Greg Schuetze, will be looking at developing some of these ideas further over the coming months and will be putting some committees together.

Next week we have Trephina Gartley attending our meeting as a guest speaker. She is a member of the District Youth Exchange Committee and Group 7 Co-ordinator for this committee. She is also a member of the Rotaract Club of Sturt and works at Headspace. Please come along and make her feel welcome.

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CLUB BULLETIN: MEETING 941 – Australian Rotary Health

Download the Club Bulletin for meeting 941 here.

From Acting President Colin Hill:

A great meeting for Hat Day where we commemorated Australian Rotary Health’s national fundraising and awareness day for mental health research, celebrated each year on World Mental Health Day. Some of our exceptional club members wearing even more exceptional hats were especially noticeable: especially Siony’s which effectively doubled her height!

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Also great to have our honorary member Geoff Neale visit again and Lindsay with both returning from sojourns in the USA and Canada in the last few days. Interestingly, Geoff mentioned that he did a makeup at the Rotary Club of Niagara Sunrise where the club recognised their membership diversity by singing the national anthems for both the USA and Canada.

To help us commemorate Hat Day, our guest speaker was Dick Johnson from the Rotary Club of Adelaide (District 9500) where he holds the position of Club Membership Secretary.

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Dick is also the SA representative for Australian Rotary Health (ARH). Amongst the many awards that he holds, and as well as being a Sapphire Paul Harris Fellow, Dick is recognised by being named as the 2014 Companion of Australian Rotary Health.

Dick did mention that ARH is notable for being Australia’s largest private charitable NGO.

ARH is well reported at:

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Download the Club Bulletin for meeting 940 here.

From Acting President Colin Hill:

We welcomed the last early morning sunlight for a while as Day-light Saving Time from next Sunday will result in us once more fumbling around in the dark for next week’s meeting.

My thanks for Ian Carman sitting in as Chairman at the last moment, Kirsty and Chris for overcoming a tricky IT problem at our last meeting thus allowing the guest speaker’s presentation to go ahead and the club for allowing me to leave a couple of minutes early.

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Guest Speaker

Renowned and highly awarded photographer Meg Hansen was a lucky find by Kirsty as our guest speaker. Meg started off her working life as a nurse, but when quickly becoming aware that this was not the career for her, switched to photography where her reputation grew not only in the wedding industry but also for great aptitude for photographing people and poverty.

As a result she and a colleague were contracted by World Vision to photograph needy people and their environments in India and Africa with emotive and thought provoking results as shown in the two large books she passed around plus her slide show.

Following on from these overseas tasks she spent time photographing the people in the APY Lands with similar moving shots of the daily life, the environment and the poverty that the people live under.

Certainly many of World Vision’s and Rotary International’s objectives are similar and I was pleased to advise that the donation we will be making on behalf of Meg to The Rotary Foundation be well spent in underprivileged societies.

Youth Opportunities

Siony attended the Youth Opportunities Graduation at Charles Campbell High School, 23rd September 2015.

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And a reminder that next week’s meeting is Hat Day in support of Australian Rotary Health. Remember to wear an interesting/colourful/crazy/silly hat!

Download the Club Bulletin for meeting 940 here.