Download the Club Bulletin for meeting 958 here.

From President Mina Ward:

This week was all about birthdays, mainly Rotary’s 111th. It was great to see everyone don their party hats and get in the mood. Rotary has some outstanding things for humanity and this should be celebrated.

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As we are preparing to get ready for the 20th birthday of the club we start to look back and think about all the projects our club has been involved with locally and internationally. If you have any memories or projects you want included in the summary at our clubs birthday then please let Ian Coat know.

Ian Coat, Suzette and I attended RC Campbelltown’s 50th celebrations on Friday’s it was great to see and help celebrate what things this club have achieved. Big congratulations RC Campbelltown!!

At this week’s meeting we heard from Colin Hill, who told us all the importance of food handling hygiene. His presentation is available via email for anyone who missed it.

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Next week’s meeting is a Club Assembly, please come along with 3 ideas of how we, as a club can retain members or how we can recruit new bodies.

Download the Club Bulletin for meeting 958 here.


Download the Club Bulletin for meeting 956 here.

From President Mina Ward:

What a pleasure it was to have Stephanie Sinclair, her mum Anita as well as Josie and Cathy from Mary MacKillop College along at our meeting this morning. Steph attended the National Youth Science Forum (NYSF) in Canberra in January. Magill Sunrise has been a great supporter of NYSF and Steph is the most recent attended we have sponsored.

Steph spoke to the club about her life changing experiences and passion for everything Physics. As well as meeting many fellow science geeks from around the country, she was able to experience first hand some of the practical experiments carried out at universities and by many famous scientists. One of the fantastic benefits of NYSF is the exposure to the international science experiences available to young people out there.

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From the fantastic presentation Steph gave and the glowing praises from her teachers, it is obvious Steph is going places in this world and it is great to think Magill Sunrise has helped her get there. I look forward to hearing from Steph in the future and what she is up to.

February appears to be the month for celebrating birthdays. Happy Birthday to Shirley for the 21st and John Kennedy who’s birthday is on 22nd. I am looking forward to going along this Friday to help RC Campbelltown celebrate their 50th birthday. What a great achievement and it is fantastic to see the club going from strength to strength.

Another big birthday is Rotary International. On 23rd February RI will be celebrating 111 years. As a way of celebrating there will be a gathering at 100 Rundle Mall between 11.30am and 1.30pm this coming Tuesday (23rd) – there will be birthday cake!!

Club Project Memorabilia?

To help members celebrate we are compiling a list of projects the club has been involved in over the last 20 years. Can everyone please email Ian Coat with a list of any club projects you can remember before Monday – thanks in advance!

President’s Notes

Thanks to Carol, Suzette and Laura (Coat) who have volunteered their time to attend Burnside Hospital along with Susan Brady from RC St Peters to present new born babies between 20th and 24th February with a copy of Mem Fox’s book ‘Ten Little Fingers’ as a gift from Rotary. This is a joint district program with D9500 to help celebrate RI’s birthday.

Welcome back to Wayne, it was great to see you at the club on Tuesday!

Our thoughts go out to Gary Lockwood, one of our breakfast cooks, who is currently unwell. Speedy recovery Gary, and we hope you are back home soon. Thank you to Leonie’s son David who is currently helping out with breakfast.

Our meeting next Tuesday, 23rd February, will be about the Eastern Health Handling Food requirements, which will be presented by Colin. It is important for every member to be aware of these requirements, as food handling is a big part of the clubs fundraising as well as fellowship events. If you cannot make the meeting please send me an apology so Colin can send your details of the information we will be discussing. Of course there will be a little birthday twist…

Download the Club Bulletin for meeting 956 here.


Download the Club Bulletin for meeting 955 here.

From President Mina Ward:

What another beautiful morning it was on Tuesday. Bronnie was there bright and early to greet everyone.

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Anyone read Rotary Down Under this month? It’s great to see D9520 feature heavily, and especially Group 7. If you have a great story then make sure you get in touch with the team at Parramatta. Susan Gascoine, I was thinking of you?

We welcomed AG Don Will to our meeting this week. Don reminded us of what fantastic club Magill Sunrise is. Some times when we are faced with new tasks or responsibilities it can be daunting and prevent us from taking that step. Our club over the last few years has struggled to find a President Elect. And this year is no different. Which is a shame. Being a President can be as big or as small a role that the person wants to make it. With the support of the Secretary and Treasurer, a President can merely be the face of the club – you don’t need to change the world. As Lindsay said, this should be the best year of your Rotary life.

Don reminded us what a fantastic project our club has with the Reel Event and how it is like no other project in the district. We really do support our local community as well as punching above our weight with international contributions. Not only this, but we are a fun and welcoming club, definitely helping lead the change of the face of Rotary. In order for our club to continue all this fantastic work, we need to ensure we have a plan for Presidents over the next three years.

We have had three Past Presidents agree to share the next presidential term. We now need to put a President Elect and Nominee in place. If you are a member of the club and contemplating being President then now is the time to speak up. The first step is to take up a position on the board. This will then give you a better understanding of how the club works.

On another note, the club is beginning to promote the fantastic guest speaker we have on 15th March, Jeremy Scott. This guy has cycled from London to New Zealand and is keen to share his story. Click onto the Jeremy Scott website

If you are in contact with any cycling clubs, sport fanatics or know someone who would be interested in coming along then please let me know.

Our next meeting will see Stephanie Sinclair, from Mary MacKillop College telling us about her life changing experiences at NYSF. It is fantastic that we are able to sponsor young people like Steph to attend these great Rotary programs. And added bonus for next week’s meeting…..

The card game has now jackpotted at $20!! The rules are that you must take the money if you win.

Download the Club Bulletin for meeting 955 here.


Download the Club Bulletin for meeting 954 here.

From President Mina Ward:

The wet and windy weather this Tuesday morning must have put people off coming along to this week’s meeting, as we were a little low on numbers. None the less we all enjoyed listening to Gail Kovatseff from the Media Resource Centre at the Mercury Cinema, situated on Morphett Street in the city. Gail has helped curate the Senior on Screens program, which is an innovative program of films, stimulating forums and the best hands-on workshops in Adelaide- uniquely tailored for the over 50’s.

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Every Tuesday and Friday at 10.45 (and newly added Sunday session at 4pm) at the Mercury, an A-list film is shown, as well as the opportunity to have a cuppa and conversation with friends. It has been noted that South Australia has the fastest aging population of the nation, and social isolation in the older generations is becoming a bigger problem. Seniors on Screen uses cinema to help tackle this problem and help develop a community.

The program also offers the opportunity for the over 50’s to participate in workshops, learning how to get behind the camera themselves and make a film. On Tuesday morning we watched one of these documentaries called ‘Flipping out’. This fantastic five minute documentary gave us an insight to the Pancake Kitchen situated just of Hindley Street. Maybe we can use one of these films in our upcoming Reel Event?

If you want to find out more about the screening program head to their website: or contact Gail directly on

Download the Club Bulletin for meeting 954 here.