CLUB BULLETIN: MEETING 965 – Lachlan Mackenzie

Download the Club Bulletin for meeting 965 here.

From President Mina Ward:

Last Tuesday was definitely one of those ‘warm fuzzy’ Rotary moments when you realise how Rotary changes people’s lives. Last October RCMS sponsored Lachlan MacKenzie to attend the Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) program. Lachlan may appear to be a confident 20 year old chemical engineer student, but he admits he often struggles with starting conversations in new situations which was affecting with his studies and career. The three main teachings Lachlan took from RYLA were:

1) A good leader makes more good leaders
2) First impressions are important
3) The value of the book ‘How to win friends and influence people’

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 2.29.50 pm

RYLA definitely doesn’t have all the answers about leadership but helps young people like Lachlan learn what questions leaders should be asking and where do we draw our inspiration from for leadership. There is no doubt the skills Lachlan learnt helped him during his three months work experience over the summer in Queensland. He definitely is a leader of the future and we look forward to hearing more about where life takes him. Thank you Lachlan for coming to talk to us.

Great to see Susan Gascoine has started well with her marathon walk from Renmark to Adelaide and has been blessed with some beautiful weather. You can follow her at:

Please be reminded to get your money in o celebrate the Clubs 20th Birthday Dinner, 20th May. It is set to be an awesome evening of celebrations and everything Magill Sunrise stands for.

Reel Event tickets are on sale and we need to get as many bums on seats as we can, so get out there and promote it. We are also looking for raffle prizes and sponsors.

The market committee are asking for a donation or item from each member towards the Mother’s Day raffle for the next mark on Sunday 8th May. Please contact Ian.

Kirsty’s Movie: A Month of Sundays
Let’s support our very own Kirsty Stark’ movie A Month of Sundays:

District Conference is nearly upon us. All of those attending please see all the details and instructions at The program details for the weekend should be up there soon. I look forward to seeing you there.

Next week’s guest speaker is Josh Hallett, talking, director of End Homelessness SA. Seeing as our club’s focus is homelessness for the next three years, it will be great to hear what work Josh does and how we as a club might be able to help him. I am a little sad I will not be in attending this meeting, but hopefully will have completed my six hour qualifying swim for the Channel, in Tasmania!!! I will see you all on 3rd May.

Download the Club Bulletin for meeting 965 here.

CLUB BULLETIN: MEETING 964 – Susan Gascoine

Download the Club Bulletin for meeting 964 here.

From President Mina Ward:

At Tuesday’s meeting we welcomed friend of the club, Susan Gascoine (Spouse of club member Chris) to talk on her pledge to walk from Renmark to Adelaide to raise awareness for Cystic Fibrosis (CF) from 16th April until 22nd May. Having a grand daughter who suffers from CF prompted Susan to start planning an event to raise awareness of this disorder, and to raise $10,000 to help ongoing research into finding a cure.

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 5.19.55 pm

Cystic Fibrosis is the most common inherited, life threatening disorder in Australia. More than 300 South Australians living with CF require significant daily medications and physiotherapy and frequent hospitalisation.

It is a seriously life-threatening condition for which there is currently no cure. Despite major advances in the treatment of CF, only 50% of those born with this condition currently reach their late thirties. Magill Sunrise is proudly supporting Susan’s ‘Renmark to City 4 CF’ and are donating the proceeds from the April market towards her fundraising. This $560 added to the $4,000 Susan has already raised means she is slowly getting closer to her goal amount. If you wish to donate or find out more about Susan’s journey head to her website: or email

We wish Susan the best of luck as she sets off this Saturday and look forward to welcoming her across the finish line on 22nd May. We have scheduled a BBQ for midday on 22nd May in Peace Park just east of the Women’s & Children’s Hospital, North Adelaide, please come along if you can.

Just a reminder the joint District Movie Fundraiser (Eddy the Eagle) is this Saturday . Contact Mina if you are interested in attending.

Next Tuesday we will be hearing from Lachlan MacKenzie, our second RYLA attendee and what he is up to these days.

Please get out there promoting the Reel Event. Posters and promotional material are now available.

Download the Club Bulletin for meeting 964 here.


Download the Club Bulletin for meeting 963 here.

From President Mina Ward:

This week we had a club assembly discussing the club’s upcoming The Reel Event. Lots of great planning going on, and it is set to be the biggest one to date. Here is a copy of the article featured in last week’s Herald. See page 5 in the link below:

Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 8.54.38 am

Magill Sunrise’s “The Reel Event” Returns for 2016

One of the highlights of the Rotary Club of Magill Sunrise’s calendar is The Reel Event, an annual fundraiser showcasing a selection of the best new short films by local filmmakers. Combining fundraising, awareness of Rotary and a vocational aspect, the program is composed totally of short films created and produced by South Australians, with the opportunity to meet the filmmakers at a Q&A session after the screening.

Many of the films each year have won awards at a local or national level and have travelled to film festivals internationally. The Reel Event celebrates and displays some of the best artistic talent of our young South Australian filmmakers, with proceeds supporting a range of Rotary programs, with a focus on homelessness and youth.

2016 brings the 5th edition of The Reel Event, which will be held on Wednesday May 25 at the Regal Theatre, Kensington Park (formerly the Chelsea). Tickets are $25 and include drinks and nibbles at 6:30pm, before the 7:30pm screening.

To book, visit

Download the Club Bulletin for meeting 963 here.


Download the Club Bulletin for meeting 962 here.

From President Mina Ward:

Sharon Davey, was our guest speaker this week. She is the author of ‘Awesome Careers for Gen Y’. After 30 plus years in the education system, Sharon took the plunge and used her knowledge of career counselling to plant the seed of change when thinking about generation Y and their ‘career ideas’.

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 6.24.45 pm

The book highlights the fact that the younger generation do not stay in one career anymore, mainly due to the rapid speed of change with technology and our environment. A lot of new industries have been created and some not even thought of yet. This is turn changes the traditional role/ jobs in the work place, with new roles being made e.g. social media manager and corporate blogger.

As a result of all this change, Sharon encourages young people to think about themselves in a different light. They should not be just thinking of themselves as a ‘teacher’, but more about the skills, beliefs, attributes and values they have. This will then mean people will change the way they explore for jobs and careers.

So, how do young people find out about themselves? Travelling, volunteering, playing sport and generally increasing their chances of understanding themselves through different challenges. It is important that employers, parents or ‘older persons’, be role models for the Gen Y’s and be flexible and adaptable. Make useful comments to encourage and reinforce when the younger generation are doing things well. Gen Y are team players; they just need the right environment. Instead of asking ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ maybe ask ‘What do you see your strengths are?’….

You can find out more about Sharon at, and she is also on Facebook under Awesome Careers for Gen Y.

Not only were we graced with a fantastic guest speaker we also had a gorgeous Sunrise. It was great to welcome guest Vi along too. Vi is a neighbour of the Hills.

Just to let you know we are organising a BBQ for the end of Susan Gascoine’s walk from Renmark for 22nd May, midday at the Peace Garden behind the Women’s & Children’s Hospital. Susan is also hosting a Quiz on Friday 20th May, 7pm at Burnside Town Hall.

Download the Club Bulletin for meeting 962 here.