Download the Club Bulletin for meeting 987 here.

From President Kirsty Stark:

Today’s speaker was George Mappas from The Battery Co. George has owned and run his store on Lower North East Road (just behind Bob Jane’s) for the last 11 years, and has expanded from just providing batteries to everything linked to batteries, including torches, remote controls and other gadgets.


George places a strong emphasis on customer service, going out of his way to find what his customers need, and fulfilling that need. To underscore customer service, he even delivers hearing aid batteries to nursing homes if those customers aren’t able to come to the store. This helpful attitude and an emphasis on quality and reliability have helped to ensure repeat business, despite cheap knock-off batteries now being widely available online.

George made the point that paying more initially for good quality batteries will make a saving in the long term. He also encouraged us to dispose of batteries responsibly.

George also brought along some of his gadgets, that include a variety of knives. Thank you George!

Kirsty’s 5th Anniversary of Club Membership

I discovered when I logged onto Facebook after the meeting, that today is the fifth year anniversary of the day I joined the club in 2011 Time flies when you’re having fun!


Kirsty heading Overseas

I’m heading overseas for the next few weeks, so I will see you all in late October! Hopefully nobody will win the club card game jackpot while I’m away, as it’s gone up again this week!

Club Sergeant Mark must be losing his touch dealing from the bottom of the pack and the Card Game has jackpotted to $70.

Weekly Challenge:

This week’s challenge is to visit another Rotary Club somewhere in the world.

No Regular Meetings at Heccies for 2 Consecutive Weeks.

Following on from the Weekly Challenge, we are trialling Scatter Meetings, where on the Tuesday after each Long Weekend, members of the club will ‘scatter’ to other clubs, in order to meet new Rotarians and get a taste of how other clubs operate.

A list of local clubs is included later in the Bulletin. The closest Breakfast Club in our District is Eastwood, which meets at 7:15 AM each Wednesday at the Royal Coach Motor Inn, opposite Bartels Road, at the junction of Dequetteville Terrance and Flinders Street, Kent Town.

G7 Dinner in lieu of our regular Meeting October 11th

The G7 Dinner at the Marche Club on Monday 10th October will replace our Clubroom meeting on 11th October. Please pay for G7 meal via TryBooking:

Download the Club Bulletin for meeting 987 here.

Club Bulletin: Meeting 986 – Anthony Guiducci

Download the Club Bulletin for meeting 986 here.

From President Kirsty Stark:

Our speaker this week was Anthony Guiducci, a Physiotherapist at Back in Motion, Campbelltown. Anthony takes a special interest in the management of sports injuries and headaches/migraines, but visited the club to talk specifically about back pain and how it can be prevented from recurring.


Anthony pointed out that 85% of back pain returns within 12 months, and it isn’t enough to focus on just treating the pain, which is generally a symptom of an underlying issue. Back pain should be treated with heat (rather than ice) to reduce muscle spasm, and it’s important to keep up gentle movement, as resting in bed will exacerbate the injury.

Once the pain has gone, it’s important to ask why it was there in the first place, whether it was from poor posture, sitting or bending, a bad chair at work or another cause. Anthony suggests an individual program to improve strength and stability in key areas, for either 4-8 weeks supervised, or 8-12 weeks on your own at home. This will lead to far less recurring injuries.

Board Meeting Summary

The Club’s Strategic Plan has now been approved by the Board and a copy will be emailed to all members for reference. We discussed plans to address homelessness in our local community, with specific support in the next few months for the Hutt Street Centre and Eastern Adelaide Domestic Violence Service through our upcoming markets and 1000th meeting. We are also working on plans for the 2017 Reel Event, including putting together a sponsorship proposal.

Upcoming Events

  • Combined G7 Dinner – 10th October. See flyers & book through Trybooking:
  • The RYLA Graduation Dinner is on September 29th, 6:30pm at the Marche Club. We are sponsoring two students to attend. $40ph, book at Trybooking by the 26th:
  • Rotary Hat Day will be taking place on October 7th. On the 5th (Wed) in Rundle Mall, Rotary will be collecting money for mental health through Australian Rotary Health. If you would like to help collect, anytime between 8:30am and 4:30pm, contact PDG Roy Armstrong – 0407 610 904 or

Download the Club Bulletin for meeting 986 here.

Club Bulletin: Meeting 985 – Vincent Tarzia

Download the Club Bulletin for meeting 985 here.

From President Kirsty Stark:

Our guest speaker last Tuesday Morning was Vincent Tarzia, Member for Hartley (in which the Heccies Club Rooms are situated). Vincent spoke about his days at Rostrevor [research shows he was Head Prefect and Dux of the School] and an epiphany moment in Year 12, when Mary, his mother, was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

In addition to bringing the family closer together it made Vincent focus on the welfare of others rather than just on himself. Mary Tarzia was also an inspiration for Vincent. After successful treatment for her condition she then threw herself into fundraising to assist others with illness.


One of Vincent’s passions is the support of Victims of Domestic Violence and in particular the Eastern Adelaide Domestic Violence Service (EADVS). The EADVS provides a wide range of services including health, mental health, financial and education support.

Vincent then invited us to Vincent Tarzia’s Soup Night the following night for support for Domestic Violence Services. Club members and friends of Rotary who attended this function were Ian and Suzette Coat, Susan Gascoine, Sue Hector, Mark and Mari Thompson, and John Kennedy. In addition to fine pumpkin soup, we were treated to zeppole for dessert.

Kathy Lilis (Director of the local service) was the key note speaker. It was made clear that accommodation underpins the transition of a fleeing family to some sense of normality and eventual recovery. Crisis and longer term accommodation is in desperately short supply. The EADVS provides a range of accommodation services between emergency crisis (1-2 days) to longer term (1-2 years).

The EADVS is currently building a new educational unit that will hopefully be open for business by the end of the calendar year.

Ian Coat spoke at length to Kathy Lilis and learned that the EADVS is very keen to develop a relationship with RC Magill and have us support them in a variety of ways. Kathy Lilis is happy to come and talk to us about the service and about opportunities to help.

Weekly Challenge

Hand out one of our new Magill Sunrise business cards to a friend who might be interested in Rotary.


Please note that there is no meeting next week as we will have a number of club members away overseas and interstate. We encourage those of you who are still here to visit one of our local Group 7 clubs. Meeting times below, but check with the club to check details and let them know you’ll be attending. See you all on the 20th when Anthony Guiduci will be talking about “Back in Motion.”


6.30pm Campbelltown Athelstone Football Club 150 George St, Paradise


6.15pm St Peter’s Kensi Hotel 23 Regent St, Kensington
6.30pm Kent Town The Kent Town Hotel 76 Rundle Street, Kent Town


7.15am Eastwood Royal Coach 24 Dequetteville Tce, Kent Town
1.00pm Norwood Manto Café Parade, Norwood
6.30pm Norwood Kensi Hotel 23 Regent St, Kensington
6.30pm Burnside The Maylands Hotel 67 Phillis St, Maylands
6.30pm Morialta The Rezz Hotel 20 Hamilton Tce, Newton

Download the Club Bulletin for meeting 985 here.

Club Bulletin: Meetings 983 & 984

Download the Club Bulletin for meetings 983 & 984 here.

Meeting 984: Service Above Self Awardee – Bevan Thulkanam

From Acting President Ian Coat:

I was honoured to stand in for President Kirsty in her absence at last Tuesday’s breakfast meeting. The echo around the room brought home the absence of members who are either off travelling our country or the world. We were almost able to cram into one table. Nevertheless, there was plenty of good fellowship to be had. We welcomed the return of Campbelltown’s Jeff Neale to our tight knit bunch that included guest speaker Bevan Thulkanam.

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 5.18.23 pm

RC Magill Sunrise sponsors the Service Above Self Award at The Norwood Morialta High School. Last year was the first time the award was presented. Bevan’s address underscored how worthy he was to receive this award. He spoke of his early years in South Africa surrounded by poverty and his enduring desire to help others. As a young person, Bevan already has the awareness and understanding of the importance and value of Community that normally takes people many more years to develop. In addition to Bevan involvement in the Student Representative Council (SRC) he also participated in the City of Campbelltown’s Youth Advisory Council (YAC). We congratulate Bevan for his efforts to date and look forward to hearing about his future endeavours. Bevan is in his first year of Health Sciences at Flinders University with the aim of becoming an Optometrist. He sees this occupation as a vehicle for helping the disadvantaged.

Meeting 983: Combined Services Dinner

From President Kirsty Stark:

In lieu of the previous week’s meeting, many of our club members attended the Campbelltown Council Combined Services Dinner. While enjoying a three-course meal, we had the opportunity to learn about the fantastic projects being undertaken by the other service clubs in the Campbelltown Council area, including Lions, Kiwanis and Rotary’s Inner Wheel.

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 11.17.40 am

The guest speaker was Jenny Paradiso from SunTrix, a Solar Panel Business, situated in Graves Street Newton, that she founded with her husband David Hille in 2009. We had a few laughs from Jenny’s anecdotes about SunTrix’s humble beginnings, like Jenny working from a phone and baby at the kitchen table and continuing to take orders while in the post-natal ward. Jenny told us of the ups and downs that the business has been through over the years, and her philosophies around providing value and treating customers well. Right up there with the Customer Experience was that of their Employees, who now total 25. It was great to hear about the company’s success.

Mina’s Aquatic Challenges

Mina’s Channel Swim is still on hold. The poor weather has created a backlog of swimmers trying to swim the channel. The season will be closing soon, but Mina is still hopeful of getting a slot before the end. In the meantime, Mina and Bridget have decided to do the Scilly Swim Challenge that involves six swims totalling 15km and six walks totalling 10km.

Exchange Student Marie Hermanns’ Presentation to Norwood Club

Several members of our club attended Norwood Rotary’s meeting at the Kensington Hotel on Wednesday night. Kirsty, Sue, Licaria and guests Victoria and Daniel went to hear exchange student Marie Hermanns give a presentation about her home country of Germany.

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 11.17.51 am

Marie was very well spoken and gave a great insight into Germany’s culture and history, as well as answering some difficult questions from the audience, including one about the integration of refugees into German society. Marie is looking forward to the next 11 months in Australia, and is happy to join Rotarians or friends for any activities or outings they think she might enjoy.

Download the Club Bulletin for meetings 983 & 984 here.