Download the Club Bulletin for meeting 993 here.

From President Kirsty Stark:

Our scheduled speaker was unfortunately unable to attend this week, but we were lucky to instead have regular visitor Jeff Neale present, so we asked him to fill in with an impromptu talk about his recent trip to the USA.


Jeff travelled as part of a Mazda group due to impressive sales at Paradise Mazda, one of Magill Sunrise’s major supporters for the Reel Event. He attended the LA Motor Show and previewed the new Mazda CX5, which will be available in Australia next year.

However, one of the highlights of Jeff’s trip was to visit ‘Jay Leno’s Garage’ and see Jay’s amazing collection of restored cars. Jeff said that the garage is about half the size of Adelaide Airport (we assume that didn’t include the runways), with 5-6 permanent staff/mechanics, and hundreds of beautiful vehicles. All the vehicles are in working condition. When parts are unavailable they make their own, using laser cutters, etc. There is no charge for admittance, but Jeff and his group were only able to access the garage after Mazda made a significant contribution to charity. An added bonus was an impromptu meeting with Jay, including a handshake from the Late Show TV maestro.

Thanks Jeff for filling in, and what an incredible experience!

Rotary ICE Forum

Our Club was well represented at the ICE Forum Thursday evening at the Norwood Town Hall.


The event was a joint venture of most of the G7 clubs and emceed by ADG Don Will. The 4 presenters were Victor Harbor General Practitioner Dr Andrew Benson, Ms Sam Raven from SA Networking of Drugs and Alcohol Services, Ms Dee Scardigno from Family Drug Support and Ms Hailey Lawrence from Multicultural Youth SA. Thanks to Mark Thompson for his participation in meetings leading up the event.

Service Above Self Award: Norwood Morialta High School


On the 28th of Oct Siony attended NMHS Graduation and presented our Club’s Service Above Self award to Liwei (Jenny) Zhang. Jenny is an exceptional student whose commitment to community life certainly upholds the school’s motto of “Enriching Humanity”. She will continue to be an active, ethical, caring and engaged citizen.

Download the Club Bulletin for meeting 993 here.

CLUB BULLETIN: MEETING 992 – Mark Thompson

Download the Club Bulletin for meeting 992 here.

From President Kirsty Stark:

Our guest this week was Mark Thompson, son of club member Mark Thompson. Mark created a funny and interesting presentation that informed us all on ‘Frailty’ and the effects of ageing, particularly around strength and mental cognition.


Mark is a Consultant Occupational Therapist and co-director of Inspire Therapy ( – under construction), so he was able to show us some statistics from the research work he had done in the northern and western suburbs of Adelaide, highlighting that many of the elderly in these communities are Frail: physically shrink, have less social opportunities, and show a decline in memory.

However, it’s not all bad! The best thing you can do to slow down the effects of ageing – both physical and mental – is to take up 150 minutes of moderate exercise each week. Mark also said that having a little extra weight heading into old age isn’t a bad thing (so long as you’re not obese)! I guess it’s move it or lose it.

Many of our club members tested their grip strength on Mark’s tester, and were pleased to find that they were in the average or above average ranges. Not unexpectedly, the grip of retired plumber Graham Holcroft was way above average.

This week’s challenge is to let at least two people know about next week’s ICE Forum.

Mark Thompson (the Elder) at Donations in Kind


Continuing with the Mark Thompson theme, club member Mark attended at Donations in Kind (D.I.K.) last Saturday for a working bee.

Mark was amongst 80 or so Rotarians and Friends of Rotary working under the guidance of David Cockshell (Gawler Light Rotary). A shipping container was being loaded, destined for Tonga. It only takes a team of 10 to load a shipping container, but it can take a team of 100 to maintain/store and pack items for shipping. D.I.K. is a great place to meet Rotarians from both SA Districts. A BBQ lunch was provided for the workers.

David Cockshell also announced that D.I.K. has been awarded the ‘contract’ to remove medical equipment from the old RAH. The estimate is that this equipment will fill 25 containers at a cost of $650,000. Let the fund raising begin. David also wanted to spread the message that ‘D.I.K. is no longer full of bird sh*t and rubbish’.

Click onto the link below for more info on D.I.K. and the RAH.

Download the Club Bulletin for meeting 992 here.


Download the Club Bulletin for meetings 990 & 991 here.

From President Kirsty Stark:

Meeting 990

Our guest speaker for meeting 990 was Dr Simon Cameron, author of the book “Lonesome Pine: The Bloody Ridge,” an account of one of the most famous assaults of the Gallipoli Campaign.

We’ve all been taught about the Gallipoli landing in April 2015, but the actual landing pales into insignificance when compared to the subsequence ‘Battle of Lone Pine.’ Simon gave us a brief but fascinating insight into some of the history of those four days of hand to hand combat in August 1915, including the objective of the attack, the Victoria Cross winners and their actions, and the outcomes.

He encouraged us to look past the heroic tales we often hear and remember the horrific conditions these men were put through. Diving on Turkish grenades and smothering them with a sand bag was an every-day event.

Retaliating with homemade ‘jam tin bombs’ was as almost as dangerous for the thrower as the intended recipient. I learnt more about Gallipoli in those 15 minutes than I knew from school, and it was great to hear both the overall situation and the individual stories of some of the men involved, so thank you, Simon.

Some of us purchased Simon’s book, which is available at the Australian War Memorial online shop, at the following link:

Weekly Challenge

Our weekly challenge for this week is to read (at least part of) a good book.


Meeting 991

At our Club Assembly last Tuesday, we split into two groups to discuss future projects for the club.

One group spoke about:

  • The 2017 Reel Event, including opportunities for sponsorship
  • Our plans for a networking function for local business owners

The other group spoke about:

  • Our plan to fund 1000 meals at the Hutt Street Centre to celebrate our 1000th meeting next year.
  • Disbursement of funds from our upcoming markets to the Hutt Street Centre and Eastern Adelaide
  • Domestic Violence Service.

Weekly Challenge

The weekly challenge this week is to think of two local businesses that we can approach for sponsorship, or to attend our business networking function. I’ll be following up on this one, so get in early!

Download the Club Bulletin for meetings 990 & 991 here.