Magill Sunrise Rotary supports a student each year to attend RYPEN – the Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment.

RYPEN is Rotary’s introductory leadership training program for youth aged 15 to 17. Students spend the weekend at a live-in leadership seminar with other future leaders from around the state.

The program for the RYPEN seminar is a combination of formal presentations, group sessions and recreational activities that have evolved into a highly effective leadership and personal development experience. The core curriculum of the RYPEN Seminar addresses the following topics:

  • leadership
  • team work
  • problem solving
  • communication – public speaking
  • motivation and goal setting
  • The 2015 program was held at the Shiloh Hills Campsite in Ironbank from April 10th-12th.

    Details of next year’s program will be available soon at: ryla9520.org.au/rypen