A Taste of Timor

Our “Challenge of Oecusse” project is an international project to support the eradication of leprosy in Timor-Leste.

In 2014, we held a ‘Taste of Timor’ dinner, with proceeds used to aid the identification of new leprosy cases and establish Multi Drug Therapy for its cure. Money raised will also be used to identify people in Timor-Leste with disabilities from any cause, and to establish effective rehabilitation/assistance programs.

Leprosy is a disease associated with extreme poverty, overcrowding and poor sanitation. It can be cured with Multi-Drug Therapy which is provided by the World Health Organization.

Since the District of Oecusse is rugged and remote, the challenge is to identify leprosy cases early so that nerve damage, often resulting in permanent disability to hands, feet and eyes, does not occur.