Club Bulletin – Meeting 920

Download the Club Bulletin for Meeting 920 here.

920_imageMy thanks to Mina and the team for running the meetings during my absence. A good turn up last Tuesday and we welcomed guests Rotarian Geoff Neale from Campbelltown, Rosetta Howland (potential RCMS “Friend”), Violet Bathgate and of course Timor-Leste teacher Marko.

Our Guest Speaker, Joan Weber entertained us with a slide show supporting her talk on the nine years she spent with her late husband touring Australia by caravan. Her prime advice was to make sure you had a caravan with all the features that you needed, an appropriate and well maintained tow vehicle – preferably a sturdy 4WD, and a schedule that allows for extended stays in each location with day trips to places of interest.

Remember: There is No Meeting next Tuesday morning as the Reel Event is in lieu.

Download the Club Bulletin for Meeting 920 here.

Club Bulletin – Meeting 919

Download the Club Bulletin for Meeting 919 here.

919_imageWhat a lovely surprise to see Graham Holcroft at this week’s meeting, and great to see he in on the mend from his fall. I’m not sure the laughs helped the sore ribs!! Tracey Gleeson is an apology for the near future due to some health issues; we wish you lots of get well wishes Tracey.

Magill Sunrise was happy to welcome Dave Bell, our guest speaker who was telling the club about ‘The Adventure of Smarty’. This story of over eleven years of friendship between a man and a bird had many of the members intrigued and laughing. Dave, has been rescuing birds since the age 14, when he accidentally shot an owl whilst out game hunting with his brother. It was soon apparent that Smarty, a wild dove, was no ordinary bird, but was actually a rather intelligent one.

Over the last 11 years, Smarty has unfortunately had a couple of run-ins with crows. One resulting in a broken beak, and the second one a broken leg. After both attacks, Dave has helped nurse the bird back to health, often involving feeding him by hand and making special pellets which are easier to digest. As a result of the first attack, Smarty now has a misaligned beak and can make it difficult for Smarty to pick up food.

Smarty has had several chicks with his partner, Poppy, and unfortunately most of the chicks have been eaten by possums, which lead Smarty to leave Dave’s garden for a short while, to make a safer nest in a nearby park. Since Smarty has been living well past the average life expectancy of doves (he is 15 years of age), he is now on his third mate (Poppy III).

Dave continues to rescue all different kinds of birds including: rainbow lorikeet, wattlebirds and galahs. He has also produced a book of photographs, entitled ‘the Gardner’s Guide to Growing Money Trees’: This book has International recognition and has won an award in New York. Thanks Dave, for sharing your interesting story.

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Club Bulletin – Meeting 918

Download the Club Bulletin for Meeting 918 here.

918_imageFrom President Elect Mina Ward:

This week we welcomed our regular catch up attendee, Jeff Neale, from our Grandmother Club, Campbelltown. Marcos from Timor Leste also joined us for breakfast again and was excited to tell us about his attendance at the ANZAC day celebrations. Amongst his busy calendar, Marcos has been attending Adelaide High School this week, along with his fellow comrades, to learn more about English teaching.

The club sends their get well wishes to Graham Holcroft, who sustained some fractured ribs and bruised kidneys…..not entirely sure how, but Robyn thinks he is just trying to avoid the gardening. GET WELL SOON GRAHAM!!

We invited Steve Wright to our meeting this week’s meeting. Steve is a Clinical Psychologist at Headspace, which is a Government established National Youth Mental Health Foundation, providing mental and health wellbeing support, information and services for people aged between 12 and 25.

At the Edinburgh North drop in centre, where Steve is based there are ten full time staff, including youth workers, a Psychiatrist and a GP.

The centre’s main goal is to aid emerging mental health issues with early intervention and give young people the skills to manage the issues themselves.

With nearly 100 centres nationwide, as well as online and phone support, Headspace is touching a lot of people’s lives, who otherwise would be struggling to cope with issues relating to mental health, alcohol and other drug use, work or education, general physical health, sexual health and relationships. As suicide rates in Australia sky rocket, it seems these sorts of services are becoming more and more vital.

Edinburgh North Headspace, provides a youth friendly environment, which is safe and destigmatised. All services are 100% free and it must be voluntary attendance. Even though it is often parents who make the first contact the attendee needs to want to attend the clinic. It is a non crisis or emergency centre. As well as appointments with staff, the centre organises workshops, community links (YAC), community events, presentations to local groups, services for schools and participate in events such as the Reel Event.

Steve, along with some of his colleagues will be hosting an information stall at the Reel Event, telling attendees more about mental health in young people and how Headsapce is helping. Being a beneficiary of the event, Steve envisages the money raised going towards setting up a couple of group sessions for young people, aimed at the gay community. And another group session aimed at parents, giving them support and guidance on how to help their children with mental health issues.

Headspace accepts referral from anyone. To find out more have a look at their website:

Download the Club Bulletin for Meeting 918 here.

Club Bulletin – Meeting 917

Download the Club Bulletin for Meeting 917 here.

From President Elect Mina Ward:

917_imageThis week the Club welcomed Marcos da Costa Dias (‘Marco’ for short), who is part of the Vocational Training Team from Timor Leste, who have been sponsored by our District to spend five weeks furthering their English language skills, which they can take back to the schools where they teach. The team is here, thanks to money which has matured from Club contributions to The Rotary Foundation. It is great to see our money in action! After a busy few days, including attending the District Conference, the team are settling in with their host families. Sue and Paul Hector are very kindly hosting Marco for the five weeks, so please contact Sue if you would like to take our guest out to show him the sights or tour around our beautiful city.

Erica Vidinis, from Campbelltown City Council attended our 917th meeting to tell the club about the new WWII Monument that is being constructed on the corner of Darley and Lower North East roads. Council acquired this area of land in 1948 and named it Campbelltown Memorial Oval to commemorate those who had served in World War II. No official memorial was established to acknowledge the reasons behind the name, but pine trees were erected along Lower North East Road, which were later removed when the road was widened. In November 2013, Council passed a motion for staff to prepare a design for a WWII Memorial at the site which was subsequently approved as part of the annual budget for 2014/15.

The design is based around a large curved wall with three silhouettes and the words ‘Lest We Forget’. Each of the silhouettes symbolises each of the defence forces: Army, Navy and Air Force. Permission was sought to use the current defence force badges, to make the memorial more current.

The plants being used include the traditional rosemary, wattles, Australian natives and carpet roses. In the centre of the gardens will stand a ‘globe’ made up of several straight pieces of metal, all intricately placed together and each one labeled with a place in which an Australian served during WWII.

Construction started on the memorial in December 2014 and is due to be completed this week, just in time for the 100th anniversary of ANZAC landings at Gallipoli. There will be an official opening on July 26th, which will be the same date that Campbelltown City Council renamed the plot of land to Memorial Oval. Please contact the council if you would like any more information on 8366 9222.


Ballarat District Conference

Mark and Mari Thompson and myself were the only Club attendees at this year’s District Conference held at Ballarat. With a magician/comedian doubling as EMCEE laughter and fun permeated the event. The Three Waiters (a comedy/operatic parody of the Three Tenors) topped off the enjoyment on Saturday Evening. As timing is everything the Three Waiters actually waited till the reds kicked in for those attending the dinner.

The conference also gave us a chance to catch up with former club members and make new friends from the District.

Next week, Steve Wright from Headspace will be telling us a little about this organization and where some of the money raised from The Reel Event, will be going. Mark Thompson will also be giving us a quick synopsis from the District Conference.

Download the Club Bulletin for Meeting 917 here.

Club Bulletin – Meeting 916

Download the Club Bulletin for Meeting 916 here.

From President Elect Mina Ward:

916_imageI have come off the interchange bench while President Colin is away and will be Acting President for the next three meetings.

Thanks to Mark Huddleston who made the trek from Morphett Vale to talk to us this morning about Club Membership and public relations. Mark has been District Committee Chair for this committee for two years and has been making grounds on getting clubs to focus not only on recruiting new members but also retaining current members. When we look at Rotary membership numbers in D9520 we can see that over the last 5 years there has been a gross loss of 25 members per year, with the current membership numbers standing at 1,366. There has actually been a slight increase in the numbers in this Rotary year, but this is only the ‘tip of the iceberg’ says Mark. How can it be that we have had over 60 inductions since July 2014 but we are still not increasing our gross membership numbers?

If you look at the net gains and losses of members worldwide, in Rotary, there is a definite shift from developed world to developing world, with the top five countries gaining numbers being Brazil, Germany, India, Taiwan, South Korea and Africa.

The key is retention. Think of a bucket continually being filled with water. Instead of the level of water rising, the water seeps out through holes in the bucket; hence the level remains the same.

On general, D9520 is great at gaining new members, but struggles to retain members. Mark highlighted that this can be due to a number of different factors: controllables and uncontrollables. There is little we can do about the uncontrollables, but we can address the controllables. People may leave clubs because of the lack of involvement/engagement/inclusion. Another key factor is conflict within a club. As a club, Magill Sunrise has little conflict within it, but it is something as a club we need to be aware of and prepared to resolve if it does ever happen. I do feel however, that keeping members engaged is key to strengthening our club. What keeps you engaged in the club? What would you like to be more involved with? How can you be more included in club activities?

Finally a note on recruitment. Rotary has some outstanding programs which Magill Sunrise promotes and sponsors well each year. This involves engaging members of the public, and in particular a lot of young people in our community. We have a ripple effect, in the puddle which is our local area. The thing we don’t do so well, is keeping in touch with the ripples. We need to make more effort at keeping in touch with our program alumni and people we have helped over the years. We will start emailing our bulletin to alumni members, and look at organising a catch up for alumni members. Do you have any ideas on how we can maintain the ripple effect?

Membership is something that should be on each club members’ radar, and will be one of the key focuses for the next Rotary year……let’s continue to build on the great foundations of our club.

Download the Club Bulletin for Meeting 916 here.

Club Bulletin – Meeting 915

Download the Club Bulletin for Meeting 915 here.

915_imageFrom President Colin Hill:

What a great morning, not only was the sun coming up, but welcome rain was there as well!

It was great to have two “local” guest speakers – firstly, Licaria with a “Behind the Badge” that revealed much about Licaria’s background from her childhood days in “outback” Peru and later in Australia. Truly an amazing story from a determined lady and Rotarian.

Then we had Gary, who is much more than “just” one of our two fantastic breakfasts cooks! His community spirit and love of his fellow man, no matter where they come from, how they got here or their culture is undoubtedly an example to us all.

Download the Club Bulletin for Meeting 915 here.

Club Bulletin – Meeting 914

Download the Club Bulletin for Meeting 914 here.

From President Colin Hill:

914_imageAnother breakfast meeting for the last time in the dark this year before the end of Daylight Savings Time next Sunday.

We were honoured to welcome two guests – Kate and Bernie Gater – who responded to a leaflet drop by Ian and Julie and came to this morning’s meeting.

I was pleased to congratulate Mark Thompson on his imminent birthday and presented him with a card signed by club members.

Unfortunately our Guest Speaker Steve Wright from Headspace was an apology for this morning’s meeting, but the following is from the Headspace website in lieu of his presentation.

Download the Club Bulletin for Meeting 914 here.

110th Anniversary of Rotary

Tomorrow marks the 110th anniversary of Rotary being founded in Chicago (with just 4 members!).
Tonight District 9520 members (some of over 1.2 million worldwide) gathered outside Adelaide Oval to celebrate with a picnic, 110 balloons and a “Light Up Rotary” walk across the footbridge. Happy Birthday Rotary!

Thanks from “Zaida ya Dreams”

Zaidi ya Dreams was founded in June 2013 by Yasmine Ernst, who studied film in Adelaide before relocating to Kenya. She and her team now care for 20 children under the age of 5, who have either been abandoned or neglected by their families. The home offers a safe environment for children with traumatic backgrounds to heal and grow.
Following the success of The Reel Event, the $2,000 donation from Magill Sunrise Rotary has been used for two purposes:
– firstly towards medical bills for the children, many of whom come to Yasmine quite ill, including one child who was abandoned in a pit latrine at birth and contracted pneumonia and other associated lung problems.
– the other half of the money went towards buying two cows, which will make a huge difference to the future of the home.
In Yasmine’s words, “Daisy and Hambre will supply us with the milk we need to feed the kids, saving us about $150 a month, and will have calves that will provide more milk and give the home an income.”
At time of purchase of the cows Yasmine had to initially wait in the car so they would not be charged the Mzungu (foreigner) price. Then the contract was done and the cows were transported back to their new home in Kitisuru, about 30min from Nairobi.
You can follow Zaidi ya Dreams on Facebook at, where they have thanked Magill Sunrise for the donation.