I would like to thank the Rotary Club of Magill Sunrise for your cheque of $8,000, being the balance of your commitment to the TLM through the Challenge of Oecusse. It is wonderful to know that through your efforts, a film in the Tetum Language, to be made by Dili Film Works, will be produced and screened to local Timor-Leste communities to help with the early identification of Leprosy symptoms and the treatment available for the disease. Thank you for your wonderful support – it is greatly appreciated!

– The Leprosy Mission Australia

We were thrilled to receive the donation of $600.00 to support our clients over the Christmas period.  After much deliberation we decided to hold a big Family Fun Day with BBQ and a jumpy castle for all the women and children during the Xmas holidays. Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity.

– Eastern Adelaide Domestic Violence Service

“RYLA was truly exceptional. At RYLA, I learned to truly appreciate myself and learned what can I offer to others. It helps me evaluate myself and my capacity as a leader and provides me with tools to improve my leadership skills, time management, and productivity. RYLA is a fantastic opportunity to take a step back from daily challenges where we can just be in there and not have to worry about everything going on at home. It is a week to focus on yourself and spend some time getting to know yourself better.”

– Michelle, RYLA participant sponsored by Magill Sunrise Rotary

“At NYSF, we were given unique opportunities to experience labs and industry visits, such as the Australian Defense Force Academy, Lockheed Martin and the Nuclear Physics Lab at ANU. In addition to these visits, many lectures and discussions were held,which highlighted the importance of science in our local and global communities. I particularly connected with a session on humanitarian engineering and hope to contribute to this area in the future.

I feel I have grown and developed personally through this experience to become more independent, confident and aware of the world around me, so much so that I am now considering studying at university interstate.

I am very thankful to the Rotary Club of Magill Sunrise for their sponsorship and support in allowing me to attend the National Youth Science Forum. It has been a very valuable, life changing experience that I will take with me into my future engineering career.’

– Elyse, National Youth Science Forum participant sponsored by Magill Sunrise Rotary

“Magill Sunrise Rotary supported and encouraged my interest in science as a high school student, initially through my involvement with the Siemen’s Science Experience in 2008 and then the National Youth Science Forum in 2010. The club has continued to follow my progress throughout my university science degrees with interest and enthusiasm, including my current undertaking of a PhD in biochemistry.”

– Alexis, Siemen’s Science Experience and National Youth Science Forum participant sponsored by Magill Sunrise Rotary

“Magill Sunrise gave me the chance to attend the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards and when I came to present everyone was really welcoming and very supportive. I felt like I was terribly important was thanked for my time over and over again it was really lovely. Plus the breakfast was good!”

– Chloe, RYLA participant sponsored by Magill Sunrise Rotary