Like all good clubs we meet regularly so we get to know each other and work on our shared aims together. In our case we put the “sunrise” into Magill Sunrise by meeting early in the day, which makes it great for busy working people in particular. There are definitely no secret handshakes or special rituals involved!

We always start our day with a hearty buffet breakfast and our meetings are short, sharp & shiny. Visitors are very welcome and there is a $20 charge. That’s very reasonable for a good breakfast with a bunch of nice people, plus some of that charge goes to shouting our guest speakers brekky without digging into any of our fundraising reserves. We also have a weekly random card draw for a jackpot prize fed by the small excess we raise from the cover charge, so attending brekkie could also make you a winner in more ways than one!

Our meetings follow an agenda, but are very casual to make everyone feel comfortable and included in the conversation. That’s because we value the contributions of everyone who comes along and we love new ideas. We have guest speakers, discuss club projects and strategies, hear about what’s happening in the wide world of Rotary and have some great fellowship together. Importantly, we always have fun.

Rotary members are strongly encouraged to attend meetings so they can be part of decision making about what the club does and stay fully informed. However, there are no “quotas” for meeting attendance or “fines” for not attending. People attend because they want to, which is the way it should be.

Our meetings are held on the first, second and third Tuesday mornings of the month upstairs at the Hectorville Sports and Community Club, 31 Fisher Street, Magill. Meetings start promptly at 7.00 am & finish by 8.00am. We’d love to see you there!