The presentation of a Paul Harris Fellow can be made following a substantial contribution to the Rotary Foundation – one of the most effective charity organisations in the world. It is named in recognition of Rotary’s founder, Paul Harris.

The Rotary Club of Magill Sunrise awards a Paul Harris Fellow as a tribute to a person whose actions are consistent with the objectives of the Rotary Foundation – to improve lives and create a better world.

A single person may receive more than one Paul Harris Fellowship through additional contributions, which can be multiple sapphire or ruby additions. The list below includes only the first award made by Rotary Magill Sunrise to an individual.

Paul Harris Fellowship

1997Kevin Webb
1999Chris Wake
2005Lindsay Davis
2006Graham Holcroft
2008Rosanna Vignona
2009Robyn Holcroft
2009Bronwyn Hyder
2010Carol Davis
2011Pauline Hill
2011Mark Martin
2011Brenton Oates
2011Rita Stirling
2012Mark Thompson
2013Simon Brewer
2014John Kennedy
2014Mina Ward
2015Sue Hector
2016Carol McKenzie
2016Greg Schuetze
2017Siony Gardiner
2017Kirsty Stark
2019Colin Hill
2020Ian Coat
2021Alisha Hill
2022Natasha Schuetze
2023Melissa Ciccocioppo
2023John Stuart
2024Meredith Burgess