Magill Sunrise Rotary joined with South Australian Rotary Clubs, support groups and concerned citizens on Saturday 23rd November 2023 to make a strong statement against domestic violence. The march through the Adelaide CBD on that day was symbolic of the journey we have begun.

Although obviously not planned in response, both tragically and poignantly the march coincided with the deaths of several victims of domestic violence. It is well past the time that the scourge of domestic violence was ended.

As much as the march had impact, we are Rotarians. We are People of Action. Back at our club we have started initiatives to assist victims, raise funds for the campaign and promote the message that the domestic violence pandemic must end. We need more members to help guide us in that quest and make as much impact on this issue as possible. There is much work to be done.

Another march is planned for September 2024 and you can find out much more at the Stop Coercive Control web site. We’ll be there again. How about you?