Download the Club Bulletin for meeting 1017 here.

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From President Ian Coat:

As the incoming President, I would like to sincerely thank Kirsty for her amazing effort leading the Club this last year. Given her extraordinary career trajectory, she far has far exceeded what everyone was expecting she could humanly do to preside over our Club, and has left us in a great position for the future.

Thanks also to those who attended the Changeover Brunch Sunday morning at Wholly Belly. I believe it was a combination of good fellowship and good food.

The Coming Year

Given the turbulent winds of external forces, in the next twelve months I would like to focus on maintaining Club cohesion through some significant structural changes, whilst achieving some major goals that can provide you as Club members with the satisfaction of hands-on action. These include:

  • growing the community awareness and support of the Magill Sunrise market;
  • continuing our strong commitment to Youth Programs in local schools;
  • undertaking a ‘Making Hands’ project to grow club cohesion and raise public visibility;
  • participating in the Risley Forest project at Calperum and
  • growing the state-wide (and possibly even nation-wide) visibility of The Reel Event.
The Magill Sunrise Rotary Board for 2017-18.

Upcoming Meetings

It’s back to normal for our next Club meeting on Tuesday 27th June, when we will have guest speaker Romeo Caporaso.

Editor’s comment: if for some reason Romeo is late, then anyone who asks, ‘Wherefore art thou Romeo?’ will be heavily fined.

Note that our meeting of the 4th July will be a Club Assembly where we will hopefully resolve a number of important and urgent questions, including the

  • agreement on future club meeting schedule,
  • ratification of the new constitution and by-laws, and
  • formal agreement to proceed with the Helping-Hands project – as this will require a district grant application to be submitted urgently.

Ian Coat
President, Rotary Club of Magill Sunrise

Download the Club Bulletin for meeting 1017 here.

Download our Club Supporter List here.