Russell Green, from the Rotary Club of Regency Park, wears many hats in Rotary, but today he spoke about RAGAS’s global battle against slavery. He immediately gained our attention with the fact that there are 41 million persons in the world who endure slavery in one form or another, by way of Domestic, Forced Labour, Bonded Labour (debt), coercion, sex trafficking, forced marriage, child labour……Whole villages in India can end up enslaved by communal debt. Sadly, this is illegal, but poor education and ignorance means that many lack the ability just to walk away. 1150 Bulletin


Principal Kath McGuigan from Mary MacKillop College gave us the history of the College, formerly known as St Joseph’s College, and then brought us up to speed on recent and planned improvements for the school. Space limits the size of the college (400 students), but this gem nestled in the eastern suburbs has achieved an outstanding an academic record with 100% SACE completions with the majority of graduates going on to university. 1149 Bulletin


Ian and Suzette spent last weekend at Calperum Station, north of Renmark. Calperum is one of a handful of Biosphere Reserves in Australia. Rotary members from several Clubs across District 9510 joined together to support the environment research activities undertaken on the property. This weekend saw a new activity, measuring soil salinity. This involves digging lots of holes. 1148 Bulletin


A few months back at our Market, Shelterbox was the prime beneficiary from out takings on the day. We also chipped in a bit more to ensure at least one complete ShelterBox could be purchased. We also noticed that patrons of the BBQ stand were willing to chuck in loose change and make donations when the saw the promo for Shelterbox. 1147 Bulletin


What an interesting life our guest speaker has had. John was born in 1937 and then experienced a disruptive childhood. John’s dad was a carpenter at Islington Railway Works and worked on the Nullarbor, making and repairing bridges during WWII. John and family lived at Christies Beach, when Beach Road never had a shop. He left school at age 12 and became a fibrous plaster, eventually recreating many of the old ceiling decorations of historic buildings. His skills were passed on to the next generation when he worked for TAFE. John is a great believer in learning skills that make you fit for purpose and job focused. Lung problems from plaster meant that John had to leave TAFE in 1999 after collapsing at work. To fill the void, at age 63, he embraced working with timber (he had already built his first boat at age 16). 1146 Bulletin


Three club members (Mark, Ian and Simon) attended District 9510’s Assembly held at Prince Alfred College. In addition to the plenary session held in the College Theatre there were spoiled for choice with around another 60 sessions to choose from thereafter. In coming DG Jeff Neale had a lot of positives. One of RI’s themes in the coming year will be ‘empowering girls and women’ and a couple of points from Jeff that resonated with me were ‘don’t just sell sausages, tell ‘em why you are selling sausages’ (club image) and tell people that you are starting a project and brag to them when you’ve completed it. He  reiterated RI’s message that each member needs to recruit another to hit RI’s target of a 30% increase in membership. 1145 Bulletin


A general discussion was held regarding the draft club logos circulated on 16th April. These logos had been used at the last market as a trial and involve use of a sunrise motif aligned with the colour and style guidelines published by Rotary International. The first issue discussed was whether we are known as Rotary Club of Magill Sunrise, or Magill Sunrise
Rotary Club. It was noted that in the RI guidelines you are able to go with what your club is commonly known as and don’t have to stay with your formal charter name or association name. It was also noted that our web site is, our Facebook page is Magill Sunrise Rotary and our market is Magill Sunrise Market, so it was agreed we are generally known as Magill Sunrise Rotary and should portray that. 1144 Bulletin


The Magill Sub-Branch can be traced back to 1921, but actually came into being in April 1946 (75th anniversary this year). Land in Lorne Avenue was offered to the sub-branch by the City of Campbelltown in 1947 and the current building was completed in 1958.
Membership is not a requirement for any person to visit the club and the clubrooms can be hired or donated to groups for functions. 1143 Bulletin


In lieu of Guest Speaker, Pauline raised some good points for discussion. We all agreed that we fail to blow our own bags regarding the worthy works that our club funds and we should make market attendees aware of what we do with a view to recruiting new members. Promos and attendee surveys can remedy this. 1142 Bulletin


Five Good Friends is the business name for a Home Care service that is relatively new to SA. Why the name ‘Five Good Friends’? Well with 5 good friends the world’s your oyster. Sam Carson, Commercial Director presented while two of the SA team looked on and helped with answers to queries. We found the address very informative, giving us an idea on ‘Five Good Friends’ services and fees. 1141 Bulletin