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From President Ian Coat:

Our members made some important decisions at our Club assembly this week. The club has voted to change our formal meeting schedule to two meetings per month (nominally the 1st and 3rd Tuesday) as a trial for the next six months.

This is a response to observations by some members that potential new members may be interested in fewer meetings, fewer meetings enables us to focus on quality speakers and to take advantage of the new opportunity provided by changes to Rotary rules. This was not a unanimous decision by our club members. We had a robust debate during the meeting on the merits of different change strategies. We appreciate that there is no obvious best answer about the way forward, but have agreed to try this new approach until Christmas and see where it takes us.

An essential piece to reducing our number of meetings, is to include a fellowship event each month to maintain the social cohesion of the group. The importance of this event cannot be understated, as there is a risk that reduced meetings can mean that members begin to feel disconnected with the Club. Next Club Meeting Tuesday 18th July 7:00 AM

Connectedness with the Club is strengthened by engaging with our regular activities, such as the Magill Sunrise Market, Bunning BBQs, etc. These provide extended periods of time for members to talk about what is happening in their lives and build close and meaningful connections with other Club members. So, I ask everyone to try to be involved in these activities where possible.

Helping Hands: Club Project

The Club has also agreed, subject to grant availability, to undertake a Helping Hands project this year that involves constructing prosthetic hands for landmine victims in war-ravaged countries such as Cambodia. We are hoping that this project will act as a catalyst to engage with community-minded businesses and the public about Rotary in general and our Club specifically.

Constitution & Bylaws

We have published the revised Constitution and Bylaws to our membership for general comment. Our dedicated committee on these matters have deliberated now for some time to try to get this right. Nevertheless, we welcome your feedback where you have questions or comments.

Know a Good Speaker?

We ask that all members think about those people they know who have an important and interesting story to tell, to contact Julie Carman and give her the information to follow up. Paraphrasing Lord Kitchener ‘ Your Club Needs You’.

Fellowship Events

An essential element to this new Club paradigm is to have engaging and inclusive fellowship events at least once per month – where for instance we could invite our friends and prospective new members. I ask everyone to think carefully about fellowship event opportunities and give the necessary information to Pauline Hill.

A Letter From Marie Hermanns’ Family

Dear Peter and Jill, Dear host families and counsellor, Dear Rotary Clubs,

We are speechless and can’t find right words, how thankful we are with the two dedicated Rotary Clubs and the warm-hearted host families of Marie. Although our daughter was so far away from home, we always had a very good feeling, knowing her in South-Australia.

When we read Marie’s reports and when we had (seldom) the opportunity to Skype with her, she was talking so excited about her time with you. We think, she is full of great impressions, more is not possible! We are happy to see her again and to listen to all her stories, she will tell us ( it is good that we have 6 weeks holidays now). We are also sure, that she has a second home now in South Australia. Your country and your hospitality will form a great part of her life and will influence her attitude to foreign people, for sure!

She earned Intercultural Competences, she learned your language, she developed her personality and she took part of your warm-hearted South-Australian mentality. We are very excited and happy to see her again, remarking your influence on her.

So there is only one thing to say:

Please feel welcome here in Germany, here is always a free chamber for you, and here you can meet Marie again!

Thanks a lot,

Heike, Martin, Luis & Leon Hermanns

An Email from Marie Hermanns

Hello everyone,

After a long flight, I arrived this afternoon back in Germany and I ́m now reunited with my family, who were extremely excited.

This exchange year might be over, but all the amazing experiences and connections to those wonderful people (you guys!!) will never be forgotten and stay in my heart.

As you know, this year changed my life.

Thanks again for supporting me and making this year happen!

your “Aussie” Marie xx

Download the Club Bulletin for meeting 1019 here.

Download our Club Supporter List here.