Download the Club Bulletin for meeting 1023 here.

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From President Ian Coat:  


We welcomed Jeff Neale and the return of our travelling members, Pauline and Colin Hill, Ian and Julie Carman.


Sue Hector has organised for us to have a casual meal at the Hectorville Sporting Club (i.e. our normal meeting venue) this coming Thursday 14th September from 6:30pm. It will be a great opportunity to talk in a much more relaxed pace, than during our normal meeting. Please let Sue Hector know if you are coming along.

Our fellowship coordinator, Pauline, spoke about our upcoming Captain Proud Paddle Steamer trip during the afternoon of Sunday, 29th October. Our special priced places appear full, but if you really want to go then please contact Pauline ASAP.

Our honorary but distant members, Christine and Wayne Abbott have invited us to a lunchtime BBQ at their place in McCracken near Victor Harbor on Saturday 18th November. Please put this date in your diary. Bring your own drinks and either a salad or dessert. Check your emails for the full address. Please let Pauline know before 07 NOV, whether you are bringing salad or dessert so she can get the balance right.

New Member Induction – Welcome Romeo!

The highlight for this meeting was the induction of Romeo Caporaso. We initially met Romeo when he was a guest speaker and now he’s a brand-new member. We look forward to Romeo’s support of our projects. His ideas and enthusiasm for business networking is of special interest to us all.

Club Assembly

In the limited time left during our meeting, those who attended the recent District Membership Conference. Chris, Greg and Ian attended the conference and spoke briefly about what they had learned and what may be relevant to the Club. The Conference threw up so many ideas, we all came out with our brains full. The ideas focussed around the importance of

  • being welcoming to new members by dropping some of the unnecessary and outdated traditions, and being more relaxed;
  • taking the opportunities opened up with the new Constitution, to create new membership models such as corporate or school-based memberships;
  • focussing more of our energy on action and service in the community rather than the meetings. This is only the start of a series of conversations for us and other Clubs. More to come.

Presentations from the Conference:

Jessie Harman – The Changing Volunteering Landscape
Mitty Chang – The Future of Rotary NOW AVAILABLE HERE
Darcy Walsh – Rejuvenating and Rebuilding the Rotary Club of Adelaide
Mark Huddleston – Possibilities without Barriers at the Rotary Club of Seaford
Tim Moore – Attract, engage and retain with flexibility and satellite clubs
Chris Edwards – The Rotary Fitness Project
Julie Aubry – RI Membership Resources video + Resources links
Stephen Walker – Engaging the Media
Wendy Gaborit – Making the most of Rotary’s Public Image Resources + People of Action Video
Michael Neale – Rotary’s Public Image, Creating the Narrative
Mitty Chang – Turning Social Media into Rotary Results NOW AVAILABLE HERE
John Hendrickson – Moments of Truth for First Time Visitors to your club + Handout
Fiona Biedermann – The Change Journey + Workshop Handout
Mark Huddleston – Closing Comments + Kitchen Nightmares video

Next Meeting – Tuesday 19th September

We will have a be hearing from the new management of our iconic Tower Hotel about their new renovations and plans.

Weekly Challenge – Refresh or set up Facebook

One of the ideas coming from the conference is the use of a closed (not public) Facebook page just for our members to be able to share information. It has proved very useful to other Clubs to keep everyone connected. So, your challenge is to refresh your Facebook page (or set one up, in the first place), so Greg can connect you to our closed Facebook page.

Download the Club Bulletin for meeting 1023 here.

Download our Club Supporter List here.