CLUB BULLETIN: MEETING 1064: Christmas Gathering

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Carol McKenzie, Graham Holcroft and Lindsay Davis offered their apologies for our Christmas Gathering.

Susan and I (President Chris) hosted Club Members under the ‘Big Verandah’ along with special guests Leonie and David Dew, who were waited on by us for a change. Kirsty organised pasta dishes from Pasta Deli, along with a fine dessert. As well as BYO booze, Ian was able to resurrect (more appropriate terminology for Easter) some fine wines to share.

Kirsty led the Kris Kringle exchange. Greed overtook friendship when the right to exchange for a ‘better’ gift was enforced by some. The box of chocolates had many owners through the procedure. It was richly ironic the Mark ended up with his own dud Kringle. Well done Kirsty for receiving the biggest Kringle, if only because she had to inflate it. Anyway, a fine time was had by all.

Thanks to Club Members for their support halfway into my Club Presidency. As a small club everyone has to pitch in at some time with multi-tasking roles. I’m sure that Santa knows who’s been good this year and you will receive your appropriate reward Xmas morning.

Norwood Morialta Presentation Night

Club Stalwart, Siony presented award our Club’s Service Above Self Award a couple of weeks back to Georgia Potter. See below for a summary of Georgia’s meritorious achievements.

At Norwood Morialta High school Georgia has consistently demonstrated that she has strong leadership and teamwork skills through her involvement in a range of activities as a pivotal member of the Student Representative Council.

Georgia has been an active and reliable member of the SRC and house system across her three years on the middle campus and has actively supported a range of activities, including assemblies, house competitions and cultural events.

She developed positive relationships with the teams she was working with and also showed excellent communication, time management and organisational skills. She was able to organise others and delegate roles in order to support the success of the projects.

Georgia has taken on many roles this year including Gold House Captain and School Vice-Captain and has been a positive role model to younger students at the Norwood Morialta High School Middle Campus.

Georgia is an outstanding student who admirably represents the three core values of the school distinction, diversity and respect.

Congratulations Georgia.