Download the Club Bulletin for meeting 934 here.

From President Mina Ward:

Tuesday morning we were glad to see the return of club stalwart John Kennedy, back after a few weeks away recovering from a fall, whilst helping an elderly lady in the community.

We also welcomed back another familiar face, Jackie Marano from Norwood Morialta High School. A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Pauline today, we hope you’re getting spoilt this week and feeling 100% soon.

Just a reminder to everyone there is no breakfast meeting next Tuesday, in lieu of the Combined Services Dinner at Campbelltown Function Centre. If you haven’t paid your $35 to the club account, please do so ASAP. Proceedings kick off at 6.30pm on Tuesday 25th August.

The new bylaws have been circulating for a while now and we have 80% consensus (no opposing votes) so we can safely say they can be passed. Over the next week there will be more details sent to all club members about how the board is structured and how the committees will work. If there is a new, or old project or committee that you are itching to get your hands into and have not let me know, this is the perfect opportunity for you to speak out.

In other news, Minnie is still missing, with her captive hinting she may be leaving Australia soon. Please keep your eyes open for any sightings and let the club know.

The Rotary Club of Glenelg organised a fantastic cold plunge on Sunday – was freezing cold!!! A really well organised event, raising awareness about people less fortunate in the local community.

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Guest Speaker: Jean Cannon

At Tuesday’s meeting we had Jean Cannon explaining a bit about Richard’s Trauma Process. Jean is a member of the Rotary Club of Eastwood and is a clinical hypnotherapist, with her major skills as a trauma specialist.

When someone is overwhelmed by stress or trauma, the part of your brain which files your memories becomes overwhelmed so that the memory is NEVER stored – it is always current. The trauma has stayed in your body and your logical mind can’t fix it. The body remains in a fight or flight mode all the time, storing this stress in each individual cell. Each cell in our body has an intelligence, with stress receptors on the surface. In order to reset the body, each cell needs to be told to de-stress.

Jean uses a simple three step process of hypnotherapy to release stressed and traumatised people from a highly stressed state and return them to calm – often for the rest of their life. In three sessions she believes you can regain calm, power and control your life.

During the hypnosis the person is guided to a film set where they are able to see the traumatic event in a third person view point. The person is then asked to extract themselves from the situation, thus freeing themselves from the shackles of the past.

She has had success helping people with domestic violence, child abuse, emergency workers, teachers, prolonged business stress (bankruptcy, accountants, lawyers), childhood problems and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Jean is available for consults if you contact her on 8365.9513 or visit the website: http:/

If Q&A after Jean’s address is an indicator of interest then Jean address to those attending was quite a success; Post Traumatic Stress being the hot topic.

Jean’s flyer can be downloaded here.

Download the Club Bulletin for meeting 934 here.