Club Bulletin: Meeting 936 – Norwood Morialta High School

Download the Club Bulletin for meeting 936 here.

From President Mina Ward:

Spring is here!! What a stunning start it was on Tuesday, with two very clear rainbows to greet us at the breakfast meeting, as well as a colorful sunrise!

What a fitting morning to introduce two new Honorary Members to the club: Christine Abbott and David McKenzie. Christine is well known to the club as a charter member and wife of Wayne. Due to health reasons Christine, unfortunately had to resign from the club as an active member, but we look forward to seeing her at some of our events as an honorary member.

David has been a fantastic support for Carol during her year as President in 2012-13 and now as club treasurer. He is also a very community minded person helping out with the local basketball and volunteering as a JP. We welcome him to our club as an honorary member.

Also thanks to honorary member Jeff Neale for coming along to breakfast this week – it’s always great to see you, Jeff.

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 5.21.27 pm

Our guest speakers this Tuesday were from Norwood Morialta High School (NMHS): Andrea Sarantaugas & Jackie Marano. NMHS is known as having one of the best international environments in a South Australian School. We have had a strong relationship with the school for many years through different youth programs including Youth Exchange. As many of you would remember, our last Youth Exchange student Carlo from Italy, attended NMHS. In fact, in a recent email Carlo expressed what a fantastic experience he had at the school and how welcoming the staff were, in particular Andrea.

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 5.21.41 pm

Currently, Andrea heads up the international programs and is in the process of rebranding and refreshing the schools public image. The schools core Values of Distinction, Diversity and Respect are reflected in all aspects of the International Programs offered at the school, of which there are many. Jackie is due to head off some students to Milan and Turin. Our club has donated $300 towards this trip to help the students engage in this exchange program. There are several sister school programs with different countries including: Japan, Thailand, Italy and hopefully China in the near future.

It was really great to hear of the diverse international programs offered at NMHS and hoe culturally engaged they are as a community. Hopefully we can get Jackie and some of the exchange students along to talk to the club when they return.

Next meeting is a committee meeting session, where we will be discussing the plans for the upcoming Halloween night and an evening we are planning to host in October called Magill Traders night… Mark to explain more next week. Seeing as there are a few of us (me, Kirsty, Lindsay and Greg) away for extended periods over September, I ask that people please make a conscious effort to attend meetings and keep Colin company as he takes over the reins again, whilst I am away ☺


Download the Club Bulletin for meeting 936 here.