Download the Club Bulletin for meeting 940 here.

From Acting President Colin Hill:

We welcomed the last early morning sunlight for a while as Day-light Saving Time from next Sunday will result in us once more fumbling around in the dark for next week’s meeting.

My thanks for Ian Carman sitting in as Chairman at the last moment, Kirsty and Chris for overcoming a tricky IT problem at our last meeting thus allowing the guest speaker’s presentation to go ahead and the club for allowing me to leave a couple of minutes early.

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Guest Speaker

Renowned and highly awarded photographer Meg Hansen was a lucky find by Kirsty as our guest speaker. Meg started off her working life as a nurse, but when quickly becoming aware that this was not the career for her, switched to photography where her reputation grew not only in the wedding industry but also for great aptitude for photographing people and poverty.

As a result she and a colleague were contracted by World Vision to photograph needy people and their environments in India and Africa with emotive and thought provoking results as shown in the two large books she passed around plus her slide show.

Following on from these overseas tasks she spent time photographing the people in the APY Lands with similar moving shots of the daily life, the environment and the poverty that the people live under.

Certainly many of World Vision’s and Rotary International’s objectives are similar and I was pleased to advise that the donation we will be making on behalf of Meg to The Rotary Foundation be well spent in underprivileged societies.

Youth Opportunities

Siony attended the Youth Opportunities Graduation at Charles Campbell High School, 23rd September 2015.

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And a reminder that next week’s meeting is Hat Day in support of Australian Rotary Health. Remember to wear an interesting/colourful/crazy/silly hat!

Download the Club Bulletin for meeting 940 here.