Download the Club Bulletin for meeting 945 here.

From President Mina Ward:

Great to see everyone at this week’s meeting and to welcome honorary member Jeff Neale along as always. This week saw the club break out into two groups: Membership and Strategic Planning. Both of these are important topics for our club to be talking about. Mark and Greg headed up the discussions about membership and these points were raised…

  • The smaller group discussing strategic planning for the club reiterated the need for continuity in the planning of the future of the club. Ideally we would have the positions of President Elect and President Nominee filled so that together with the Present a solid plan could be made. Currently our club has neither of these positions filled.
  • We also discussed the need to follow up on previous member surveys and possibly ask members a couple of questions about how they feel currently about the club i.e. what do you think the club’s strengths are? Where do we want to be as a club? It was agreed that an email asking each member four questions will be sent out in the near future to reassess where we are as a club and what we can move towards over the next six months to three years
  • It was highlighted that we don’t do enough of supporting members in their vocations and is something we could look doing more of in the future – in conjunction with engaging more in the local businesses.
  • The subject of looking at a new international project for the next three years was discussed and should be included in club discussions in the near future in order to keep members engaged and a focus for fundraising.
  • If anyone has any comments or would like to discuss any of these items, please contact me.


Next week we have Lachlan MacKenzie and Karen Short, our two RYLA attendees coming to tell us about their life changing experiences at this year’s RYLA. Please make them feel welcome and have some questions ready to fire at them. I will be away in Sydney on a course for work, so Greg will be taking the reigns.


Download the Club Bulletin for meeting 945 here.