Download the Club Bulletin for meeting 962 here.

From President Mina Ward:

Sharon Davey, was our guest speaker this week. She is the author of ‘Awesome Careers for Gen Y’. After 30 plus years in the education system, Sharon took the plunge and used her knowledge of career counselling to plant the seed of change when thinking about generation Y and their ‘career ideas’.

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The book highlights the fact that the younger generation do not stay in one career anymore, mainly due to the rapid speed of change with technology and our environment. A lot of new industries have been created and some not even thought of yet. This is turn changes the traditional role/ jobs in the work place, with new roles being made e.g. social media manager and corporate blogger.

As a result of all this change, Sharon encourages young people to think about themselves in a different light. They should not be just thinking of themselves as a ‘teacher’, but more about the skills, beliefs, attributes and values they have. This will then mean people will change the way they explore for jobs and careers.

So, how do young people find out about themselves? Travelling, volunteering, playing sport and generally increasing their chances of understanding themselves through different challenges. It is important that employers, parents or ‘older persons’, be role models for the Gen Y’s and be flexible and adaptable. Make useful comments to encourage and reinforce when the younger generation are doing things well. Gen Y are team players; they just need the right environment. Instead of asking ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ maybe ask ‘What do you see your strengths are?’….

You can find out more about Sharon at, and she is also on Facebook under Awesome Careers for Gen Y.

Not only were we graced with a fantastic guest speaker we also had a gorgeous Sunrise. It was great to welcome guest Vi along too. Vi is a neighbour of the Hills.

Just to let you know we are organising a BBQ for the end of Susan Gascoine’s walk from Renmark for 22nd May, midday at the Peace Garden behind the Women’s & Children’s Hospital. Susan is also hosting a Quiz on Friday 20th May, 7pm at Burnside Town Hall.

Download the Club Bulletin for meeting 962 here.