Club Bulletin: Meeting 974 – Helping Hand

Download the Club Bulletin for meeting 974 here.

From President Mina Ward:

One keynote speaker and one special guest featured at last Tuesday’s breakfast meeting. Linda Sweeney from Somerton Park Sunrise spoke on the Helping Hand Project while Jacqui van Ruiten, newly appointed Principal of Norwood Morialta High School gave us an update on both campuses and the unique characteristics of NMHS.

Linda Sweeney’s Presentation

The Helping Hand Project was started by an American Ernie Meadows, who wanted to help children of the world after the death of his daughter. From this kernel of an idea came prosthetic hands for the victims of land mines and warfare. What makes these prosthetics hands different is that they are not cosmetic, but functional. Linda told us that there are 2,000 land mine accidents each month. 95% are civilian and 75% of survivors have at least one amputation.

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The Helping Hand Project spread to Rockhampton Qld and is a registered with RAWCS. From 1st July 2016 Sally Charlton of Tailem Bend club will be taking over as Project Leader in SA.

Prosthetic hands are assembled and quality checked by Rotarians and then taken overseas by Rotarians at their own expense and fitted free of charge. Each hand costs $500 and can remain serviceable for about 6 years.

Linda told us of the recent work done in Sri Lanka and how the prosthetic hands have restored dignity to the lives of those who can now drive a car, ride a bike, type, eat and wash themselves. Many land mine victims are double amputees as well as being blind.

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Jacqui van Ruiten’s Presentation

We (Norwood Morialta High School) are a large, multicultural school with an enrolment of approximately 1550 students located on dual campuses (at Rostrevor and Magill). The school has a long tradition of academic excellence supported by a broad range of curriculum offerings. In particular, our school is known for our language program (with 5 languages), our international program (with over 150 international students who actively seek to study in Adelaide and at NMHS) and we enjoy a strong Performing Arts program with outstanding musicals and short-film festivals.

The school has also built on the success of its Mathematics, Science and Computer programs to implement an innovative STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) program that integrates learning across the disciplines and connects with real-world application. In particular, the school is focusing on three articulated pathways:

  • Aviation
  • Environment and Sustainability
  • Computational Science and Engineering

As the newly appointed principal and a former Maths teacher I am passionate about STEM pathways and we are actively working to strengthen our STEM program in collaboration with industry and UniSA. We recognise that partnerships with industry, business and the community will assist in the authentic development and promotion of these pathways and would value any support.

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Visit to the Hutt Street Centre

Those who were available attended the Hutt Street Centre on Thursday. The Hutt Street Centre is one of our designated charities for the coming year. More on this later.

NOTE: sponsorship and donations for Mina’s Chanel Swim go to the Hutt Street Centre. If you wish to donate to donate to Mina’s swim go online to:

See you all on Sunday for the Changeover meeting at The Maid!

Download the Club Bulletin for meeting 974 here.