Club Bulletin: Meeting 947 – Laughteryoga

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From President Mina Ward:

What better way to spend your Tuesday morning than laughing out loud for no apparent reason and stretching out on Daly Oval? We welcomed, David Cronin, from Laughter Yoga to this week’s meeting to help Magill Sunrisers discover the benefits of laughter. Not only is laughter a great stress buster but also it tones up every bodily system. Dr Kataria, the founder of laughter clubs international, believes: ‘If we can learn to laugh, unconditionally, our happiness too will be unconditional’.

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 12.04.01 pm

During our five-minute session of laughter yoga, outside in the beautiful morning sunshine, we were taught several different types of laugh from Woody Woodpecker to the Kookaburra. Combining these laughs with simple movements encourages deep diaphragmatic breathing, which fully oxygenates the bloodstream and major organs. In the world we live in today, revolved around sitting in front of a computer, we can use as little as 2% of our lung capacity!! Doing a simple fifteen minutes of solid belly laughter a day can reverse the effects of sitting. I think I can safely say everyone left the meeting on Tuesday with a smile on their face!

If you are interested in finding out more about laughter yoga you can visit or Here in Adelaide, and across the world there are laughter yoga classes happening. David runs a couple of free classes in Eastwood and Hazelwood Park. If you are interested in talking to David some more you can call him on 0415 676 709 or email

If anyone is planning on attending RC Campbelltown’s White Ribbon Address next Monday night, please let me know so I can let Damian know numbers.

It was great to be back at the club after being in Sydney last week for a course. Thanks to Greg for standing in. Also thanks to Leonie’s son, Dave, who came along and helped cook this week. We wish Gary a speedy recovery. Editor’s Note: Gary told the Editor on Wednesday that he ‘never felt better’.

A big thank you also goes to Julie and Ian Carman for their dedication and enthusiasm for the Campbelltown Shed BBQ over the last few years. This Saturday will be the last one. Thank you to everyone who has supported this event over the years, especially Graham and Robyn Holcroft; it has been a big part of the club’s fundraising history.

Thanks to Greg, Licaria and Karen Short who helped out at the Mile End Bunnings BBQ last Friday. Norwood Rotary Club were very appreciative and will be giving our club $350 for our effort.

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Download the Club Bulletin for meeting 946 here.

From Acting President Greg Schuetze:

Well that was a bit of fun sitting back in the President’s Chair for the first time in ages on Tuesday morning. I was lucky Mina is so organised and all I had to do was follow her running sheet, I hope I didn’t stuff too much up.

Wasn’t it great to see a future leader of tomorrow return to our club after her inspiring RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) experience recently? I am always impressed at the enthusiasm our attendees show on their return and Karen Short was no exception.

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 2.03.41 pm

After an introduction from her God Mother, Siony, Karen led us through her week long experience that she said changed her life. We heard of the like-minded friends she met on arrival and who she shared so many new experiences with and of the inspirational speakers they had address them. One speaker Derick McManus was shot 14 times when a member of Star Force and lived to tell the tale!!

Karen told us that the experience taught her things about herself that she never knew and that she would recommend the program to everyone she knows. Great to hear, thank you Karen for returning to see us with your presentation and talk. I for one love to see the positive affect this sort of program has on youths and hope she really got a great deal out of her time there.

I must thank her parents David and Virginia for bringing her to our meeting and sharing breakfast with us. Thanks also to Kaitlin Piggott from RC Kent Town who came to promote their club’s upcoming Hypnotist Evening February next year. By coincidence, hypnotist Isaac Lomman was one of the guest presenters at Karen’s RYLA experience. Karen gave a glowing endorsement for Isaac as did Mark and Chris, who saw his show at the Fringe earlier this year. And last but not least Jeff Neale from RC Campbelltown for popping in for brekkie, who is always welcome.

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Download the Club Bulletin for meeting 945 here.

From President Mina Ward:

Great to see everyone at this week’s meeting and to welcome honorary member Jeff Neale along as always. This week saw the club break out into two groups: Membership and Strategic Planning. Both of these are important topics for our club to be talking about. Mark and Greg headed up the discussions about membership and these points were raised…

  • The smaller group discussing strategic planning for the club reiterated the need for continuity in the planning of the future of the club. Ideally we would have the positions of President Elect and President Nominee filled so that together with the Present a solid plan could be made. Currently our club has neither of these positions filled.
  • We also discussed the need to follow up on previous member surveys and possibly ask members a couple of questions about how they feel currently about the club i.e. what do you think the club’s strengths are? Where do we want to be as a club? It was agreed that an email asking each member four questions will be sent out in the near future to reassess where we are as a club and what we can move towards over the next six months to three years
  • It was highlighted that we don’t do enough of supporting members in their vocations and is something we could look doing more of in the future – in conjunction with engaging more in the local businesses.
  • The subject of looking at a new international project for the next three years was discussed and should be included in club discussions in the near future in order to keep members engaged and a focus for fundraising.
  • If anyone has any comments or would like to discuss any of these items, please contact me.


Next week we have Lachlan MacKenzie and Karen Short, our two RYLA attendees coming to tell us about their life changing experiences at this year’s RYLA. Please make them feel welcome and have some questions ready to fire at them. I will be away in Sydney on a course for work, so Greg will be taking the reigns.


Download the Club Bulletin for meeting 945 here.

CLUB BULLETIN: MEETING 944 – Melbourne Cup

Download the Club Bulletin for meeting 944 here.

From President Mina Ward:

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 6.13.53 pm

Today was filled with laughter and fun!!

I am not entirely sure what Campbelltown’s President Damian Leach made of our club’s Melbourne Cup tradition, but he certainly came well prepared wearing his own jockey’s silks, including goggles and whip.

Techno Queen Kirsty provided sound effects ranging from the Racecourse Fanfare to a recording of the running of last year’s Cup. Kirsty went on to win the Lucky Card, which had jackpotted to $15, and she then put some of her winnings to the Xmas Market Raffle.

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 6.14.07 pm

Thanks to Gary Lockwood, for again supplying the costumes and getting everyone into the mood for the race.

Also thanks to Leonie for supplying the fancy glasses and fizzy water.

Download the Club Bulletin for meeting 944 here.