Club Bulletin: Meeting 947 – Laughteryoga

Download the Club Bulletin for meeting 947 here.

From President Mina Ward:

What better way to spend your Tuesday morning than laughing out loud for no apparent reason and stretching out on Daly Oval? We welcomed, David Cronin, from Laughter Yoga to this week’s meeting to help Magill Sunrisers discover the benefits of laughter. Not only is laughter a great stress buster but also it tones up every bodily system. Dr Kataria, the founder of laughter clubs international, believes: ‘If we can learn to laugh, unconditionally, our happiness too will be unconditional’.

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During our five-minute session of laughter yoga, outside in the beautiful morning sunshine, we were taught several different types of laugh from Woody Woodpecker to the Kookaburra. Combining these laughs with simple movements encourages deep diaphragmatic breathing, which fully oxygenates the bloodstream and major organs. In the world we live in today, revolved around sitting in front of a computer, we can use as little as 2% of our lung capacity!! Doing a simple fifteen minutes of solid belly laughter a day can reverse the effects of sitting. I think I can safely say everyone left the meeting on Tuesday with a smile on their face!

If you are interested in finding out more about laughter yoga you can visit or Here in Adelaide, and across the world there are laughter yoga classes happening. David runs a couple of free classes in Eastwood and Hazelwood Park. If you are interested in talking to David some more you can call him on 0415 676 709 or email

If anyone is planning on attending RC Campbelltown’s White Ribbon Address next Monday night, please let me know so I can let Damian know numbers.

It was great to be back at the club after being in Sydney last week for a course. Thanks to Greg for standing in. Also thanks to Leonie’s son, Dave, who came along and helped cook this week. We wish Gary a speedy recovery. Editor’s Note: Gary told the Editor on Wednesday that he ‘never felt better’.

A big thank you also goes to Julie and Ian Carman for their dedication and enthusiasm for the Campbelltown Shed BBQ over the last few years. This Saturday will be the last one. Thank you to everyone who has supported this event over the years, especially Graham and Robyn Holcroft; it has been a big part of the club’s fundraising history.

Thanks to Greg, Licaria and Karen Short who helped out at the Mile End Bunnings BBQ last Friday. Norwood Rotary Club were very appreciative and will be giving our club $350 for our effort.

Download the Club Bulletin for meeting 947 here.