Download the Club Bulletin for meeting 1001 here.

From President Kirsty Stark:

We had a great meeting Tuesday, with former member Tracey Gleeson returning to the club to talk about her recent travels to Africa. And it wasn’t just a sightseeing tour – Tracey was there as a researcher as part of a team of vets and scientists that assisted Provet Wildlife ( with the dehorning of rhinos, among other animal care.

Rhinos in Africa are under great threat from poachers, as their horns are worth around $US40 per gram on the black market. The purpose of the vets’ professional dehorning (with chainsaws and circular sanders) is to prevent poachers. This is an annual task, as the horns regrow each year, and removing the small amount of regrowth is enough to deter poachers from illegally cutting the animals’ horns and putting their lives at risk.

Each portion of the horn is then recorded and returned to the owner for safekeeping, as it is illegal to sell or trade them. Regular checks are done against the records to ensure that each piece of horn is accounted for.

Tracey had some incredible experiences during her trip, including holding a Pangolin ( as pictured on the slide show in the background of our photograph.

Travel Tip from Tracey: don’t hang around a cheater, rhino, elephant, leopard or any wild animal for that matter as it wakes from an anaesthetic.


1000 Meals at Hutt Street Centre

Members from our club have been serving meals at the Hutt Street Centre all week. As a mark of our 1000th meeting, we have donated and served 1000 meals as part of the ‘Angel for a Day’ program. Thanks to everyone who took part – what an amazing experience to give directly to those in need.



Happy Birthday Mohammed!

… for Tuesday 7th February. We all hope you had a great day!

Change of Day for The Reel Event in 2017

The Club has decided to hold this year’s The Reel Event on a Sunday, 3pm for 4pm, to see whether a weekend time slot will help us to attract a bigger crowd. Please put Sunday the 21st May in your diaries, and we will allocate roles and responsibilities at next week’s Club Assembly, as well as hand out posters ready for promotion.

Click here to download the poster for this year’s Reel Event.

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See the report below from Eddie Seung Hun Han about his time at the National Youth Science Forum. As you will read, Eddie had an amazing time, and we look forward to him visiting our club to talk about his experience. It was a pleasure to sponsor you, Eddie!

Click here to download Eddie’s NYSF report.

Weekly Challenge

This week’s challenge is to come up with of at least one interesting person in your life who might be an interesting guest speaker. Whether it’s someone who has been on a fantastic trip like Tracey, achieved a goal, has an interesting career or has a great hobby, we’d love to hear about it. Please pass their details on to Licaria so that she can arrange a convenient date.


Please promote the forthcoming RYPEN program to young people in the 14-17 years age bracket. April 21-23.

Click here to download the RYPEN postcard.

Thanks, and have a great weekend!

Download the Club Bulletin for meeting 1001 here.