Download the Club Bulletin for meeting 1003 here.

From President Kirsty Stark:

This week’s meeting was a Club Assembly, and we mixed things up a little by congregating around one large table for breakfast. We were also lucky to have Janine, Mark Thompson’s trusty “right hand woman” (and regular Bulletin Sub-Editor) in attendance at her first Club Assembly.

We had a number of topics to cover, as there are several upcoming events for the club over the next few months, including Secret River Carpark Marshalling, Marie Hermann’s Quiz Night and Farewell (both in conjunction with Norwood Rotary), a Fringe Social Event, and of course, The Reel Event. We are also awaiting confirmation on a date and venue for a Business Networking / Membership event with the Rotary Club of Kent Town, which will be confirmed soon.

Secret River Marshalling

Lindsay has now distributed the final roster for our shifts on the 1st, 5th, 9th and 17th of March. Please see his email to confirm your times.

Fringe Social Event

We will be attending the Fringe “$10 Comedy Bonanza” at the Belgian Beer Cafe as a club. There is also the option to purchase the “Dinner and Show” package for $31, which includes a meal after the comedy. Please email Kirsty with your preferred date (8th or 14th of March), number of attendees and whether you will be staying for dinner. We will confirm the date at Tuesday’s meeting.

Weekly Challenge

Please put up Greg’s laminated poster (as handed out at the meeting) on a community noticeboard in your local public shopping centre or other public space and take a photo as proof. Here’s the first one from Mina at Firle – well done Mina!

The Reel Event

It’s also time to start promoting The Reel Event. Booking link is:

The Club has decided to hold this year’s The Reel Event on a Sunday, 3pm for 4pm, to see whether a weekend time slot will help us to attract a bigger crowd. Please put Sunday the 21st May in your diaries, and we will allocate roles and responsibilities at next week’s Club Assembly, as well as hand out posters ready for promotion.

Thanks from Hutt Street Centre

Hello Kirsty and the Magill Sunrise Rotary Club Members,

We are glad you all enjoyed your experience in the Meal Centre.

Thank you so much for your feedback – very valuable. It is always great to hear from our Angels and to hear about their time in our kitchen.

Again, thank you for all your support and I hope you might be able to join us again.

Kind Regards,

Carmel Rizzotto
Funding Administration Officer

Hi Kirsty and Mina,

I have only just taken up the role of Development and Partnerships Manager at the Hutt Street Centre and was notified of your wonderful support for our Angel for a Day program. I am delighted to hear you all personally enjoyed the experience and I am sure you gained a lot more insight into the plight of homeless in Adelaide.

Your contribution goes a very long way towards helping our clients and making the Day Centre and Kitchen and much better place for them.

We would be delighted to have you back again whenever you are interested and trust we can develop a long-lasting partnership with Magill Sunrise Rotary. Don’t hesitate in letting me know how I can support your organisation.

Michael Francis
Development and Partnerships Manager

Download the Club Bulletin for meeting 1003 here.