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From President Ian Coat:

We had a few people away at Tuesday’s breakfast meeting. We especially wish Kirsty safe travels to the Berlin Film Festival. Note: Editor’s choice to use the less familiar German term Gute Fahrt rather than Gute Reise

Thorndon Park Miniature Railway Proposal

We welcomed Barry Grieger who told us of the proposal to create miniature railway at Thordon Park. Barry and his team have researched the proposal very carefully and provided us a detailed outline of what could be created. One of the key pieces to the plan is that Campbelltown Council are strong backers of the proposal. The Thorndon Park Miniature Railway was one of the projects up for the latest Government FundMyNeightbourhood vote. Keep an eye out for it in the next voting round.

Directors’ Notices

Greg noted that the market proceeds were a little low this month; due in part to the fact that several stallholders had pre-booked and pre-paid their spot.

The Board has agreed that we will not be able to support the carparking at the Campbelltown Sesquicentenary celebrations. It was agreed that we did not have the numbers to fulfil the requirement.

The date currently planned for the Reel Event this year is Sun 20th May between 1-4pm. Note: we must be completely packed up by 5:00 PM as there is another event starting at 5pm, so we will need plenty of volunteers to help at completion of the Reel Event.

We will be holding a special joint meeting with G7 clubs at the Kensington Hotel on the Wed 4th April to hear about the work of a young SA woman in a Kenyan Orphanage. We were not expected to have a meeting on the previous day as it just follows Easter Monday.