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From President Ian Coat:

In addition to our guest speaker, Jonathon Robran from Operation Flinders, we welcomed David Jones, our Assistant Governor to our breakfast meeting.

Operation Flinders

Operation Flinders, in conjunction with Campbelltown Council, are establishing a Campbelltown Chapter of Operation Flinders. This means that local schools such as Charles Campbell and Norwood Morialta can suggest specific students who are at risk to attend the program. Jonathon spoke to us about how this challenging adventure program offers these young people an opportunity to build courage, resilience, trust and comradery that may have been lacking in their home life and peer groups. The program has been proven to provide long-term positive outcomes for many of the students who attend. Operation Flinders is seeking additional support to help fund young people from the local district to attend the program. RC Magill Sunrise has unanimously agreed to provide a portion of our Sunrise Market income to support Operation Flinders.

Directors’ Notices

Greg reminded everyone about the Magill Market being held this weekend (11th Feb) and the roster that he has sent out. He is also seeking volunteers to deliver pamphlets in the local area.

Sue also highlighted that our next Bunnings BBQ commitment will be on the 7th and 8th February. Please consider your availability and help out if possible.

Colin relayed Pauline’s proposal to hold a 10 Pin Bowling outing as a fellowship event. Those without shoulder, back, and knee issues were eager to participate.

Timor Leste Leprosy Fundraiser Update

In 2012 in Ian’s year as President, Ian and Julie Carman put in a lot of effort to rally the Club’s support for a Leprosy Clinic in the Oecusse District of East Timor. One of the major pieces of the plan was the funding to produce a video, in the local language, to raise awareness of the early signs of leprosy and the treatments that are available. The aim was to get sufferers to present to clinics earlier when treatment has a higher chance of success. Ian announced to us at the meeting, that after several years of political toing and froing (denial that leprosy still existed in Oecusse), the video was televised last week, for the first time. This is great news, because its televising means that there is the opportunity for leprosy sufferers to be relieved of their condition more quickly and more effectively. A heck of a lead in time to a successful conclusion; well done Ian and Julie, who at their own expense also helped teach in Oecusse. Is this what being in Rotary is all about?

Ian is seen with a speaker from the Leprosy Mission in his year as Club President.

Weekly Challenge

The 2018/19 Rotary theme has been announced. Check it out on MyRotary and think about how our Club can respond to the challenge in the coming Rotary year.

Next Meeting – 13th February

The subject of our next guest speaker is the proposal to construct a miniature railway at Thordon Park. This will likely be a unique feature in the eastern suburbs.