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From President Ian Coat:

We welcomed Greg Driver to speak with us Tuesday morning on driving and attitude. Apologies came from Sue and Paul, who are off gallivanting around the world, while John is on the sick list this morning.

Guest Speaker

Greg spoke to us about how our driving habits can reflect our true self and how we need to be mindful of our emotions while behind the wheel. Although a self-confessed reckless hoon in his younger days, Greg has taken stock and is now a driving instructor. His studies in psychology have provided him with insight about how our brain changes as we age and how, although we may have accumulated a great deal of wisdom over the years, our ability to integrate new knowledge and made fast decisions gradually diminishes. Driving is a skill that requires the integration of new knowledge about what is happening around us and demands that we make rapid decisions. So, as we all recognise, as we age our driving ability fades.

Question from Editor: If Greg Driver were not a driving instructor would he be a Golf Pro?

Hands On Project

A special thanks to Susan Gascoine for coordinating the HANDS ON project last weekend. Everything went smoothly at the Foyer K-Mart Firle. This is a result of Susan’s behind the scenes negotiating to get everything right. We achieved our key objectives of engaging in a fun fellowship event, engaging with the public and bringing community minded businesses onboard.

Special thanks to our sponsors for their support:

  • Paradise Motors
  • Enva Financial Planning of Kent Town
  • SA Chiropractic, Portrush Road, Payneham

Bunnings BBQ Help

Due to a combination of events, the RC Norwood staff normally associated with the Kent Town Bunnings will be away on our scheduled days of 17th (Kent Town) and 18th May (Mile End). There are many more preparatory activities that need to be done. So, if you can spare some time please reply to the email Peter Poulton sent to us on 7th May.

President’s Notices

  • Don’t forget about District Assembly coming up on the 27th May at Murray Bridge.
  • Remember we have been invited to Calperum Station (near Renmark) over the weekend 29th June – 1st July. Currently, Ian and Suzette, Chris and Susan are planning on going. Please contact Ian Coat soon about attending.
  • Finish up selling your Market Raffle tickets and return them ASAP to Graham please. See you at the Market on Sun 13th May.
  • Chris has reminded us that Changeover will be at Wholey Belly (Magill Road) on Sun 24th April
  • Lindsay also reminded us that Entertainment Books are now available. They can be bought through Lindsay or online ( with proceeds going to our Club.

The Reel Event

Our major fundraiser for the year is coming up on Sunday 20th May. Invite your friends both real and your imaginary Facebook friends to The Reel Event. (

Our next meeting Tue 15th May will be a Club Assembly to finalise planning for THE REEL EVENT.

Upcoming Events

  • Sun 13th May – Magill Sunrise Market
  • Sun 20th May 1pm – The Reel Event at the Regal Theatre
  • Sun 24th Jun (10am) – RC Magill Sunrise Changeover Brunch at Wholly Belly, Kent Town
  • 27th May – District Assembly (Murray Bridge)
  • 31st Jun – 1st Jul – Calperum Station
  • 5-7 April 2019 – District Conference – Broken Hill – Get your accommodation bookings early.