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From President Chris Gascoine:

At our last meeting we welcomed Jeff Neale from RC Campbelltown. Colin & Pauline Hill, Graham Holcroft, John Kennedy, and Carol McKenzie offered their apologies.

Club Assembly

This was our third in the series of club assemblies discussing how we might make our club more attractive to new members, and then to actually attract new members. Great progress has been made and we are in a position to create and implement our strategy to revitalise our club and increase our member numbers. Jeff Neale, from Campbelltown club made an impromptu appearance (‘make up’ meeting) and gave us some meaningful input. Thanks Jeff.

Board Meeting

District Governor Kim Harvey took the long trek from Brighton to attend our Board Meeting last Tuesday evening at Café va Bene. Kim added her thoughts to our robust discussion on not spreading ourselves too thin and focusing on 2 key projects. More detail at meeting and email to members. Kim will be our guest as our next scheduled club meeting on 4th September.

Donations in Kind – Sunday 18th August

Susan and I (Chris) attended Donations in Kind (DIK) last Sunday and after putting in a fair effort working on various projects for dispatch overseas we were rewarded with a fine BBQ lunch.

Operation Flinders

Towards the end of Immediate Past President Ian’s year, our club agreed to support the Operation Flinders Foundation in sending a team from Charles Campbell College this month.

The feedback from the students and leaders, following the completion of their exercise a couple of weeks ago, has been compiled into a report which was emailed to members of the club. Despite some challenges (including the weather!), there were some very positive outcomes for the team. In fact, three students were recommended to join the Peer Group Mentor training program, through which they will have the opportunity to undertake further training with Operation Flinders, and then return to the Flinders Ranges again in support of a new team as young leaders/mentors.

Once the details of the team presentation have been finalised, we will be given the opportunity to attend and meet with the students. See link and video for more information about the program:

Download the Bulletin for Meeting 1052 here.

Download our Club Supporter List here.