Download the Club Bulletin for meeting 951 here.

A catered spread fit for Royalty at Nightingale Park last Monday replaced our regular Tuesday’s regular meeting. Anyone who went away hungry was hard to please. Thanks to Sue and Paul Hector for their organisation.

The baser side of human nature was on display when it was time for Kirsty’s imaginative Kris Kringle. It didn’t take long to pick up the rules: Greed is Good.

A big thanks to Gary for again coming through with costumes for our own version of the Nativity Story. Apologies to the Gospel writers.

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2016 kicks off with a get-together at Mina’s house on the 3rd of January. More details in the Bulletin.

Our first meeting will then be held on the 12th of January at Hectorville Sporting Club.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of our members!

Download the Club Bulletin for meeting 951 here.