Download the Club Bulletin for meeting 958 here.

From President Mina Ward:

This week was all about birthdays, mainly Rotary’s 111th. It was great to see everyone don their party hats and get in the mood. Rotary has some outstanding things for humanity and this should be celebrated.

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As we are preparing to get ready for the 20th birthday of the club we start to look back and think about all the projects our club has been involved with locally and internationally. If you have any memories or projects you want included in the summary at our clubs birthday then please let Ian Coat know.

Ian Coat, Suzette and I attended RC Campbelltown’s 50th celebrations on Friday’s it was great to see and help celebrate what things this club have achieved. Big congratulations RC Campbelltown!!

At this week’s meeting we heard from Colin Hill, who told us all the importance of food handling hygiene. His presentation is available via email for anyone who missed it.

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Next week’s meeting is a Club Assembly, please come along with 3 ideas of how we, as a club can retain members or how we can recruit new bodies.

Download the Club Bulletin for meeting 958 here.