CLUB BULLETIN: MEETING 958 – Membership Assembly

Download the Club Bulletin for meeting 958 here.

From President Mina Ward:

Discussions this week were all about membership. Thanks to everyone for contributing, and thanks to Lindsay for making us think about membership in a slightly different way.

Welcome back to Sue after her adventures in WA. Sue is looking for a couple more volunteers to help with the Bunnings BBQ on Sunday 27th March, please let her know if you are available.

At Tuesday’s meeting it was a unanimous decision by everyone there to purchase a Shelterbox to help the people affected by cyclone Winston in Fiji. The great work that Shelterbox do is never ending. For most up to date information look on their website

Please note the change of time from 9am to 10am for the morning tea with PM Malcolm Turnbull on 10th March. No later than 9:30am is the preferred attendance time.

Centurion Contributions are now being asked for- an email will be sent out with details.

From Lindsay Davis:

Exciting stuff as Tuesday’s Assembly converted 100’s of membership ideas into 3 that really appealed to us. Teams then drew up plans and timetables to implement the ideas. So stay tuned for more information and your role in:

  • Service Projects that serve a need in the community
  • Printing Club Business Cards
  • Club Goals and Strategic Plans

Download the Club Bulletin for meeting 958 here.