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From President Mina Ward: 

Wow! What an inspiration our guest was on Tuesday morning.

Jeremy Scott cycled from England to New Zealand. He decided he needed to set himself a goal and was fed up of the excuses he would make to not take up challenges. Even though he was settled in London with a great job and life he decided he needed more of a challenge. In 2004 he came up with idea of cycling back home to New Zealand.

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Jeremy attributed his restless spirit to life saving cardiac surgery as a boy aged four. The pre-surgery prognosis was not good and he was not likely to survive. Thanks to the skill of the cardiologist and his own inner strength, Jeremy pulled through. No longer having the need to be sheltered from ordinary activities felt he had a need to catch up on the rough and tumble that he had missed out on. Soon after he and his family moved to the UK.

In 2011 he set off on his journey, which was literally a life changing experience, something that he never anticipated when he set out. Jeremy is a keen observer of humanity and recorded the people he met with fantastic photos mixed with shots of the forces of mother nature. Jeremy now pursues a simpler life and enjoys the benefits that this lifestyle brings.

As part of his fund raising for the Heart Foundations (British, Australian and New Zealand) Jeremy has produced a booked called ‘A Long Way from a Broken Heart’ showcasing his amazing photography from his trip. You can find out more at

So what will be your next challenge? No excuses…

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It was great to see so many visitors from RC Eastwood and a few other familiar faces and Friends of Rotary who came along to hear Jeremy’s talk.

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