Download the Club Bulletin for meeting 981 here.

From President Kirsty Stark:

It was a full house at Hectorville Sporting Club on Tuesday for our visit from District Governor Sam Camporeale. We also welcomed several other guests – Lee Camporeale, Group 7 AG Don Will, Peter Poulton from Norwood, and our newly arrived exchange student, Marie Hermanns from Germany.

Exchange Student Marie Hermanns

Marie introduced herself to the club and said that she has been warmly welcomed by her host family and students at Marryatville High School. We will be looking forward to spending more time with Marie at club activities throughout the year. (And see her update below!)

Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 7.12.22 pm

District Governor Sam Camporeale

DG Sam then gave us an overview of the coming Rotary year. There are many great events planned that club members can get involved with, including:

  • The Centenary of the Rotary Foundation, during which a 4 minute Rotary video will be played at all film screenings at cinemas around the country, with support from Fox. We have the opportunity to set up in the cinema foyers to promote Rotary during this time.
  • The International Conference in Atlanta
  • The District Conference in Mt. Gambier (see Ian Coat to let him know if you are interested)

Sam also spoke about many of the inspiring stories to come from Rotary Foundation initiatives, including that of Peace Scholar, Caterina Becorpi. You can watch Caterina speaking about the impact of her scholarship here:

Thanks Sam – we’re looking forward to the year ahead.

Update from Norwood: Marie Hermanns – the first two weeks.

As Marie marks her first fortnight in Oz it’s worth having a look at the major happenings to date. After arriving 14 days ago, Marie enjoyed a couple of days with her Counsellor, Di Clements and Dennis, getting over minor jet lag, arranging bank accounts etc.

On Friday 29th she enrolled at Marryatville High, and also moved in with Suzzanne, Tino and Emily Porcaro, her first host family. The Porcaros’ other daughter, Isabella, is currently on exchange in Switzerland. The next day, she attended Norwood club’s Dance Party Fund Raiser, and cut some pretty fancy moves on the dance floor with the Poulton’s two exchangees, Chiara from Italy and Penny from France and their friend Georgia, also from Italy.

Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 7.13.21 pm

Wednesday 3rd saw her at Norwood club’s meeting.

Sunday 7th, Marie was introduced to that great Aussie tradition – the Bunnings Barbecue – where she helped out behind the counter, and doubtless gained some familiarity with our currency. Michael and Gail trained her well, ‘cos she’s already volunteered for the next one.

Later that day, she attended the briefing session run by the District Committee, and attended by the Counsellor and every host family member. And well done Norwood and Magill Sunrise – a 100% turn out for the first time in this correspondent’s 25 year involvement with Youth Exchange.

Tuesday morning saw her attend her first Magill Sunrise meeting, where she met President Kirsty Stark and DG Sam Camporeale. Highlight of the meeting was obviously Sam’s presentation, but a close second was Marie’s first encounter with Sergeant Mark. Germany 1, Oz nil. And Marie still has her €2 coin

That’s a pretty hectic first 2 weeks, and we can look forward to frequent updates on Marie’s adventures. And speaking of adventures, the success of Marie’s time with us depends on Rotarians taking the initiative by including her in as many activities as they can. Whatever you’ve got coming up, pause long enough to think about how you might involve Marie in it. If everyone in both clubs thinks of just one thing, she’ll have a pretty good year. Feel free to speak to Marie, Di or Peter.

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Download the Club Bulletin for meeting 981 here.