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From President Kirsty Stark:

At this week’s meeting we welcomed Suzette Coat to speak on the topic, “Trials of My Life” (no, not about her husband, Club Secretary, Ian – but her work as a Clinical Trial Coordinator).

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 4.33.42 pm

Suzette’s presentation was really interesting, discussing the various trials she has conducted in recent years.

Suzette achieved a PhD in Microbiology in 1998 and for over a decade, has coordinated national and international clinical trials, particularly focusing around the health of pregnant women.

Some of these trials have focused on the outcomes of drug use for gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia, with a focus on the best outcomes for mothers and children, rather than simply testing whether drugs work without any attention to side effects.

Suzette spoke about how she has had the opportunity to get to know the women and children involved in many of the trials, with one trial having follow-ups year after year to check ongoing effects. Some of those involved in long term follow-up now feel like long-term friends and she has a relationship with them where many women feel they can talk to her about personal medical information they wouldn’t necessarily tell others.

Suzette reminds the women she works with that their participation in the trials has a direct effect on medical practice. Suzette has this advice, however, for anyone considering participating in a trial:

  • You don’t have to answer immediately
  • Take the time to weigh up the information and whether it’s right for you
  • You can also pull out of a trial at any time

Thanks Suzette, for an insightful presentation, and for sharing your story. You’re welcome to come to meetings anytime.

Weekly Challenge

This week is Donate Life Week, and Rotary Australia is playing a key role in providing information about organ donation. Only one in three Australians is registered for organ donation, despite most agreeing that it’s important.

This week’s challenge is to go to and register your intentions around organ donation. You can state whether you want to donate organs or not, and specify which, if any. I did it the other day in it only took a few minutes to register with my Medicare number, so click through now and discuss it with your family.


Congratulations Gran and Gramps Carman who are proud to announce the arrival of their first grandchild.

Theodore Rodney Lloyd was born last Saturday 30 July 2016.

Walk a Mile in My Boots

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Many of our club members braved the cold Friday morning to participate in “Walk a Mile in My Boots,” to raise money for the Hutt Street Centre. This is a small first step in our club’s focus on homelessness over the next few years.

If you couldn’t make it for the Walk, then consider an on line donation. Logon to the site below if you care to make a donation. Thirty dollars feeds 2 people:

Download the Club Bulletin for meeting 980 here.