Download the Club Bulletin for meeting 987 here.

From President Kirsty Stark:

Today’s speaker was George Mappas from The Battery Co. George has owned and run his store on Lower North East Road (just behind Bob Jane’s) for the last 11 years, and has expanded from just providing batteries to everything linked to batteries, including torches, remote controls and other gadgets.


George places a strong emphasis on customer service, going out of his way to find what his customers need, and fulfilling that need. To underscore customer service, he even delivers hearing aid batteries to nursing homes if those customers aren’t able to come to the store. This helpful attitude and an emphasis on quality and reliability have helped to ensure repeat business, despite cheap knock-off batteries now being widely available online.

George made the point that paying more initially for good quality batteries will make a saving in the long term. He also encouraged us to dispose of batteries responsibly.

George also brought along some of his gadgets, that include a variety of knives. Thank you George!

Kirsty’s 5th Anniversary of Club Membership

I discovered when I logged onto Facebook after the meeting, that today is the fifth year anniversary of the day I joined the club in 2011 Time flies when you’re having fun!


Kirsty heading Overseas

I’m heading overseas for the next few weeks, so I will see you all in late October! Hopefully nobody will win the club card game jackpot while I’m away, as it’s gone up again this week!

Club Sergeant Mark must be losing his touch dealing from the bottom of the pack and the Card Game has jackpotted to $70.

Weekly Challenge:

This week’s challenge is to visit another Rotary Club somewhere in the world.

No Regular Meetings at Heccies for 2 Consecutive Weeks.

Following on from the Weekly Challenge, we are trialling Scatter Meetings, where on the Tuesday after each Long Weekend, members of the club will ‘scatter’ to other clubs, in order to meet new Rotarians and get a taste of how other clubs operate.

A list of local clubs is included later in the Bulletin. The closest Breakfast Club in our District is Eastwood, which meets at 7:15 AM each Wednesday at the Royal Coach Motor Inn, opposite Bartels Road, at the junction of Dequetteville Terrance and Flinders Street, Kent Town.

G7 Dinner in lieu of our regular Meeting October 11th

The G7 Dinner at the Marche Club on Monday 10th October will replace our Clubroom meeting on 11th October. Please pay for G7 meal via TryBooking:

Download the Club Bulletin for meeting 987 here.