Club Bulletin: Meeting 988 – Susan Bardy

Download the Club Bulletin for meeting 988 here.

From Acting President Ian Coat:

We were expecting to have a talk from a winemaker at last Tuesday’s meeting, but he did not make it to the meeting. We hope he didn’t work too hard the evening before, undertaking quality control.

We were however treated by the presence of Dr Sue Bardy, a regular visitor from RC St Peters who wanted to give us some good news. Magill Sunrise and St Peters joined together earlier in the year to deliver story books to newborn babies and their family at Burnside Memorial Hospital to celebrate the 100th birthday of Rotary International. Sue B from St Peters and Suzette Coat representing Magill Sunrise were tasked with delivering the books. Susan received a wonderful letter from one of the recipients and she came along this morning to share it with us.


The extra time gave me an opportunity to outline a few of the hands-on activities the Club may be able to get engaged in over the next year or so, including support to Hutt Street Centre, Foodbank, Building Hands and the Eastern Adelaide Domestic Violence Service.

We also celebrated Greg’s 45th birthday with cupcakes. Congratulations Greg!

The big news of the week was that our card game jackpot finally went off after many weeks. Well done Siony who picked up a lazy $70.

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RYLA Graduation

Congratulations to our Magill Sunrise representatives, Henry Ngan and Ashley Lavender Todo, who graduated from RYLA recently. Siony reports that the dinner was enjoyable and the graduates presented a great performance of songs plus a bit of drama. Graduate numbers were down a little this year, as were Rotarians at the dinner. Torrential rain and many away overseas may have been a contributing factor.


Download the Club Bulletin for meeting 988 here.