Times change, don’t they? Sometimes change comes along that you can’t control, so you have to go along with it and make the most of it. And so it happened with our long standing meeting venue at the Hectorville Sports and Community Club, which is undergoing a huge revamp. We wish them well with that.

What to do? Well, for us it was easy. The recent Magill Sunrise Market move to Campbelltown Memorial Oval has been so good that we just followed that down there too! Meetings are still held at 7am sharp and finish at 8am sharp on the 1st, 2nd & 3rd Tuesday of each month. The Campbelltown Memorial Oval is on Darley Road at Paradise and you can’t miss the superb new building down there.

We sincerely thank the Campbelltown City Council for allowing us to use this venue while Heccies is being re-done. They are great supporters of our club, which in turn allows our club to support the community.

If you catch the O-Bahn to work then our meetings could be ideal for you. Get down early, grab a car park, take in a meeting with a fantastic breakfast and a bit of fun, then catch your bus. You’ll still be at work by the same time, but you’ll be doing so much more. Worth a try?