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From President Ian Coat:  

Upcoming Business Networking Event

Our usual Melbourne Cup shenanigans were replaced at Tuesday’ meeting with an exchange of ideas on a Business Networking event planned for the evening of the 5th December and to be held at Libertine by Louis. The primary objective of this event is to build connections between local businesses and leave with 2 gems of business ideas. Our special guest speaker, Michael Baragwanath will help focus on marketing and creating a resilient staff. Our Club members attending will be looking out for community minded businesses that may be interested in sponsoring some of our projects, and possibly partnering with the Club in other ways. One particular project that we will be seeking sponsorship for is the HANDS ON project. Mark Thompson and Romeo Caporaso are organising this event, please contact them to attend. See details in attached flyer.

Hands On Project

HANDS ON will be promoted early next calendar year. The activity entails building a set of prosthetic hands from a kit of parts. RC Magill is looking for a suitable public venue to hold the primary building activity. Apart from the community benefit of creating prosthetic hands for land mine victims in countries like Cambodia, the activity is structured in a way to build fellowship and a spirit of competition between the participants. By holding the activity in a public venue such as a shopping centre atrium, we are able to engage the public in learning a bit about Rotary, our Club and the Hands On project.

By purchasing a hand kit, local businesses can use the opportunity to demonstrate community volunteering whilst fostering team building within their staff. The building activity does not need to be undertaken with the Rotary Club activity in a public space.

Alternatively, businesses could sponsor a hand that could then be built by another group such as a school or disadvantaged group.

Thanks Pauline Hill – Riverboat Cruise

A big thank you to Pauline Hill for organising the Riverboat Cruise on Sunday 29th October, preceded by lunch at the Riverscape Restaurant. Scones, jam and whipped cream was a highlight of the cruise.

Weekly Challenge

Log onto the FUND MY NEIGHBOURHOOD website and vote for projects in your local area:

Remember that if you don’t vote, the community dollars are more likely to be spent somewhere else in the State.

Editor’s Comment: Don’t let some other bastards get our money.

Download the Club Bulletin for meeting 1027 here.

Download our Club Supporter List here.