Club Bulletin: Meetings 1031 & 1032 – Adelaide Zoo + Club Assembly

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Editor’s Note: This is an abridged version of the President’s Report from first meeting (1031) for the calendar year on 16th January and is combined with the following meeting, 1032

From President Ian Coat:

Meeting 1031 Guest Speaker Chris Walsh – Adelaide Zoo Volunteer

Our planned speaker was unavailable at the last moment. Julie used her initiative and quickly called upon a close friend, Chris Walsh, who is a volunteer at the Adelaide Zoo to come and talk about her experience. Chris spoke passionately about the dedication and commitment of Adelaide and Monarto Zoos to both educate the public on and provide much needed conservation research about different animals around the globe. Chris described her typical volunteer day at the zoo where she can undertake some activities of her preference and then has rostered duties to take tours, and answer questions from zoo visitors. She described how important it is to present the factual information in the form of stories that people can relate to and understand. The Zoo isn’t just for animal-lovers. There is also a team of volunteers who help manage of gardens across the sites.

Meeting 1032 – Club Assembly

Our meeting was once again held amid a wash of brilliant morning sunshine. We welcomed Sue back from her holidays down south and note the absence of Lindsay due to an on-going commitment to watch little yellow balls being bounced from left to right to left to right again. Editor’s comment; ‘you just know I want to work with this line’.

This meeting was primarily dedicated to Club Assembly, but prior to this Kirsty conducted her own Quiz, where the 3 lucky winners each receiving double movie passes to see Liam Neeson’s new movie ‘The Commuter’. Thanks Kirsty. Please drill down past the photos on pages following for details of

  • President’s Notices and Board Meeting Feedback
  • Club Assembly

Magill Sunrise Market

Our January Market was a little quiet (holiday time), but the Market Committee are bringing lots of new advertising and innovations to the event. Support our Market by coming along and inviting your friends and family.

Tour Down Under Traffic Control

Editor Mark Thompson, who took the photo below (no colour enhancement required), says that if Phil Liggett is the Voice of Cycling then Suzette Coat must be ‘The Face of TDU Volunteers’. A big thanks to members and Friends of Rotary who helped out last Friday as the thermometer hit 42C. And reiterating Mark’s good old Aussie saying, ‘It was blood hot mate’. Naturally, retired plumber Graham Holcroft looked as fresh as a daisy, post-race.

Ex-traffic cop, Mark couldn’t help himself and directed an overweight, hot and grumpy traffic cop onto a recalcitrant motorist adjacent to Morialta Park. The bollocking that he received from Senior Constable Grumpy brought a tear to Mark’s eye. Ah, the good old days.

Sunday BBQ Social Event

Thanks Ian and Sue Gascoine for hosting a Club BBQ last Sunday and thanks to Pauline Hill for organising.

President’s Notices and Board Meeting Feedback

The Club has received a request from Council to help out with their community BBQ events. The Board agreed to the request and the Club membership agreed to offer our services on the 28th Feb if required.

The Club has been asked to also help provide car parking support at Campbelltown Council’s Sesquicentenary event to be held on Hectorville Oval on the 14th April. The Board has noted that it is a big commitment because it requires many people over a long period of time. The Club membership agreed to support the event, but acknowledge that we may seek further support from RC Campbelltown, who also meet at Hectorville venue.

The Club is following up on providing two Service Above Awards to a player and support person in the Hectorville Sports Club.

The Board investigated moving our financial management software from MYOB to XERO. There is evidence from other Rotary Clubs that this is worth the monthly fee, by reducing in the Treasurer’s time and simplifying the task. The membership agreed to move to the new package at the transition of the new Rotary year.

The number of Club members required to support the many Bunnings BBQ events over December was lessened by students, parents and staff from Norwood Morialta High School also assisting at that location. The Board and membership have agreed to transfer $1,133 of BBQ income to NMHS, where it will be used to help buy a specialised trailer for their Pedal Prix vehicles. Editor’s Note: Give a kid a fish and he is hungry tomorrow, make him work on a Bunnings BBQ and he then knows the value of a buck (apologies to Jo Bejeke- Petersen for the mixed maxims).

Mark has suggested that our Club should hold a Film Night as a fund raiser. This fund raiser would be an important fillip this year, as we are not expecting any Adelaide Festival parking income. Mark and Kirsty will help coordinate this event.

Directors’ Notices

Sue highlighted that our next Bunnings BBS commitments will be on the Thursday 8th and Friday 9th February. Please consider your availability and help out if possible.

Club Assembly

Operation Flinders (OF) provides a wilderness adventure program for young people at risk. OF is establishing a Campbelltown Chapter where young people in the local schools will be nominated for the program. The Club membership have unanimously agreed to include OF as one of the charities that our Market proceeds will go towards. The division of income will now be as follows:

  • 30% Retained for market development
  • 35% Eastern Adelaide Domestic Violence Service
  • 17.5% Hutt Street Centre
  • 17.5%. Operation Flinders

Club Meeting Frequency

The frequency of our Club meetings has been a hot button issue for months now. We have concluded a trial of meeting twice per month and come to realise that it is not the right fit for our Club. Lindsay’s suggested model of having three meetings per month overcomes many of the concerns. The Club membership voted unanimously to support have our meetings on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Tuesday of the month. If a Tuesday is preceded by a public holiday, then that meeting will be cancelled. The 3rd Tuesday will normally be set aside as a Club Assembly.

Weekly Challenge

Think of something that can benefit the Club

Next Meeting

Next Meeting: 6th February. We will be hearing from Jonathon Robran about Operation Flinders. He is a very good speaker and I commend you all to come along and listen to his presentation.

Upcoming Events

Accommodation is tight so get you room booked now

  • Fri 23rd – Sun 25th March 2018: Rotary District Conference. (
  • 14th April: Campbelltown Council Sesquicentenary
  • Month of May: Hands On

Download the Bulletin for Meetings 1030 and 1031 here.

Download our Club Supporter List here.